Trump again asks court in Georgia in the election interference case to remove DA

Former President Donald Trump has once again asked the judge overseeing his Georgia election interference case to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and dismiss the indictment against him. Trump argues that her “egregious misconduct demands” such actions.

During a church speech in early January, Willis made comments suggesting that the allegations against her were racially motivated.

According to Trump, he has accused her of breaching the ethics requirements of her office through what he referred to as “inappropriate extrajudicial public remarks.”

In response to Willis’ court filing last week, Trump filed a document acknowledging the personal relationship between the two of them. However, he strongly refuted the allegations that Willis gained financial benefits from their relationship or that she violated any conduct rules with her statements at the church.

District Attorney Willis dismissed Defendant Trump’s motion as transparently meritless. She pointed out that the public comments she made did not reference this case or these defendants as a basis for disqualification.

In response to Willis’ claim that the church statements did not reference the case, Trump’s filing on Wednesday refuted this assertion.

According to Trump attorney Steve Sadow, the claim made by the DA in their response is completely false and misleading. Sadow strongly disagrees with their position and describes it as preposterous and disingenuous. He believes that the DA’s filing is nothing more than an unsuccessful attempt to deceive the court.

During a service held at the Big Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Willis spoke to the congregation and shared, “I exercised my right to appoint three special counselors. I ensured that they were all paid the same hourly rate.” Out of the three individuals, Willis proudly stated, “I specifically hired a Black man.”

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Trump has filed a claim stating that Willis’ conduct in making those comments was both egregious and undeniably unethical.

Trump has once again reiterated his stance on disqualifying Willis and dismissing her election interference indictment. He strongly believes that Willis knowingly and intentionally neglected her ethical obligations as a prosecutor, solely for her personal gain.

“The State is well aware of the potential consequences,” the filing stated. “It acknowledges that a prosecutor in Georgia can be disqualified for making inappropriate extrajudicial public comments.”

In a recent filing by Trump’s attorney, there seems to be a mention of the subpoena that was sent to Willis. The subpoena is for her to testify at the upcoming Feb. 15 evidentiary hearing. The attorney expressed hope that during the hearing, the District Attorney (DA) will have to provide an explanation for the church comments made by Willis. Additionally, the attorney wants to know who else Willis could have been referring to in those comments.

In her recent filing, Willis requested Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee to cancel the hearing scheduled for Feb. 15, asserting that no additional factual development is required.

On Wednesday, she took further action by filing additional motions to quash the subpoenas that had been issued to her, Wade, and seven other members of her office.

In her filing, she contends that there is no factual basis that could reasonably justify the requirement for her and her employees to become witnesses in the case. She accuses Michael Roman, the defendant in the election case who issued the subpoenas, of attempting to conduct discovery in a rather belated effort to support reckless accusations.

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The motion filed by Roman alleges misconduct, stating that the investigators in her office who were subpoenaed have “no knowledge at all” of the issues raised.

The filing also aims to challenge a subpoena issued to Wade’s former law partner, who had been representing him during his divorce proceeding. The argument put forth is that the attorney-client privilege protects him in this matter.

The legal team is also seeking to squash a subpoena to Synovus Bank for Wade’s financial records, arguing that Roman cannot justify such a broad investigation into his financial affairs.

In August, Trump and 18 other individuals entered pleas of not guilty to all charges in a comprehensive racketeering indictment. The indictment accuses them of engaging in alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

Four defendants in the case decided to take plea deals, which involved giving testimony against the other defendants.

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