Judge Hatchett initiates civil lawsuit against Georgia sheriff accused of groping her

A well-known television judge, who was subjected to groping by a Georgia sheriff two years ago, has recently taken legal action by filing a civil lawsuit against him.

In an exclusive interview with Channel 2’s Karyn Greer, Judge Glenda Hatchett delved into the details of the lawsuit against former Bleckley County Sheriff Kris Coody.

The haunting memories of what transpired at a sheriff’s convention in Cobb County in January 2022 continue to plague her thoughts, driving her to take legal action by filing a lawsuit three weeks ago.

“I have taken legal action against him by filing a civil suit, and for me, it is a matter of principle. Truly, it is a matter of principle,” she expressed.

The lawsuit is seeking damages and is demanding a jury trial for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The Georgia Sheriff’s Association has been named as a defendant in the case.

“It’s not about the money,” Judge Hatchett emphasized. “Truly, it isn’t. If I do recover anything, I will wholeheartedly dedicate every penny towards the construction of a Boys and Girls Club.”

“I never intended to become the face of this, Karyn, honestly. However, if someone had to go through it, I’m glad it was me because I had the means and knowledge about the legal system,” she expressed.

Coody admitted his guilt in the sexual battery case and stepped down from his role as sheriff. Hatchett claims he never received an apology from Coody.

She stated, “I have not been upset by the fact that he didn’t apologize to me. People often ask me about it, but I never expected him to apologize, and I don’t need his apology either.”

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The jury will determine the amount of punitive and exemplary damages that Hatchett should receive, as stated in the lawsuit.

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