“How dare you!” A Fox News contributor scolds a liberal pundit for claiming that the House GOP is more concerned with impeaching Mayorkas than with border security

A heated debate on immigration reform erupted on Fox News between former congressman Jason Chaffetz and liberal pundit Lucy Caldwell, transforming the discussion into a full-blown shouting match.

Caldwell expressed his strong sentiments on the matter, stating, “I just want to say, because I feel very passionate about this: spare me the idea that Republicans in Congress are impeaching Mayorkas or taking aim at Joe Biden because they care about ‘unaccompanied minors at the border.’ That is just absolutely absurd, and if that is the case, they should get with the program and get on board with the bipartisan border bill.” Caldwell made these comments on Sunday’s episode of “MediaBuzz” with Howard Kurtz.

Chaffetz responded with disbelief and anger, repeatedly expressing his outrage, “Are you kidding me! Are you kidding me! How dare you! How dare you!” He interrupted Caldwell as he spoke.

“Jason, go ahead,” Kurtz directed.

CHAFFETZ: Don’t tell me that I don’t care about these little kids! Why not pass HR2, which actually passed the Congress?CALDWELL: I did not say you. I said congressional Republicans!CHAFFETZ: I used to be in Congress!CALDWELL: But you are not a current member!CHAFFETZ: I was a chairman of committee in Congress working on this very issue!CALDWELL: I understand that!KURTZ: One at a time, one at a time. Jason.CHAFFETZ: I worked on this issue! I was in Congress! I was a chairman. I was on the immigration subcommittee. We started highlighting the problems on the border. But you know what? Joe Biden came in and changed all of those policies with a stroke of his pen. So don’t give me this righteous indignation that Republicans don’t care about the kids. If the Democrats cared about the kids, then where are the 85,000 kids? Where are they?

Kurtz shifted the conversation to the topic of whether Donald Trump is using his influence to push Republicans to reject the Senate border deal for political reasons.

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Caldwell couldn’t contain his excitement as he exclaimed, “Bingo! Bingo!” According to James Lankford, a Republican Senator, it seems that Donald Trump is not interested in pursuing immigration reform at the moment. Lankford, who is a member of the Republican party, highlighted how the desire for immigration reform has suddenly disappeared.

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