Poll Finds Trump Seen as More Physically and Mentally Fit for Presidency Than Biden

According to a recent poll conducted by NBC News, it was revealed that a significant number of voters believe that former President Donald Trump is both physically and mentally healthier than President Joe Biden to hold office in the White House. The poll results indicate that twice as many voters hold this belief.

In addition, the survey revealed that the current officeholder is falling behind Trump by a significant margin when it comes to important topics for swing voters, such as the economy and foreign policy. In terms of immigration, the president’s disadvantage against his Republican rival is over 30 percentage points, highlighting the ongoing influx of migrants across the southern border.

According to the latest NBC News poll released on Sunday, voters are more inclined to believe that Trump possesses the required physical and mental health to serve as president, despite a four-year age difference between him and Biden. In fact, Trump holds a significant 23-point lead over Biden in this category, with 46% of voters expressing confidence in his abilities, compared to Biden’s 23%.

The cognitive function has become a widely discussed topic, especially in the context of the 81-year-old Biden and the 77-year-old Trump, both of whom have made mistakes during their campaign. In a recent speech, Trump mistakenly identified Nikki Haley as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. On the other hand, Biden has gained significant attention for his slurred and difficult-to-understand remarks, which have gone viral multiple times.

On the topic of securing the border and controlling immigration, Trump maintains a significant 35-point advantage. Similarly, when it comes to addressing crime and violence, Trump continues to outpace the president with a lead of 21 points.

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Trump and Biden are the top contenders to represent their respective parties in the upcoming general election, setting the stage for a highly anticipated 2020 rematch. As per Real Clear Politics, which aggregates recent polls, Trump currently holds a slight advantage over Biden with a national average lead of 2.1 percent.

Despite record-low unemployment and Wall Street skyrocketing in recent weeks, Biden has struggled to convince voters that he is more capable on the economy than Trump.

According to the NBC News poll, which was conducted from January 26th-30th, 1,000 registered voters were surveyed, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1%.

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