New report reveals growing number of registered Republicans in California as Democrats decrease

According to the latest voter registration report released by the California Secretary of State, the California Republican Party has seen a surprising surge in registered voters. Although Democrats still outnumber Republicans by nearly two to one, the GOP is encouraged by the recent increase in registrations.

The voter registration report, which spans from October 2023 to January 2024, highlights a significant surge in registered Republican voters across all State Assembly, State Senate, and Congressional Districts. Notably, the Republican Party made considerable gains even in traditionally Democratic-dominated counties, with the exception of Alpine and Mono.

During this period, there was a significant shift in voter registrations in the state. Republicans gained 46,000 new registered voters, while Democrats saw a decline of 30,000 registered voters. No Party Preference voters also experienced a decrease, with 70,000 registrations lost.

The Republican Party is experiencing a surge in registrations, which is seen as a positive development. This indicates potential changes in voter affiliations and suggests evolving political dynamics. Although Democrats still have a significant lead in overall registrations, the GOP’s success in attracting new voters from different districts and counties is noteworthy.

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