Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City: A Legendary BBQ Joint

When it comes to discussing the best barbecue in Kansas City, we can easily spend a couple of hours debating. After all, there are so many incredible options to choose from. Once we’ve settled on our favorite spot, we can satisfy our cravings and indulge in some mouthwatering barbecue goodness.

There are numerous establishments in Kansas City that offer delicious barbecue options that cater to diverse tastes. Among these, Arthur Bryant’s stands out as one of my personal favorites, although there are many others that I enjoy as well.

Henry Perry, the man credited with developing barbecue in Kansas City, holds a significant place in the history of Arthur Bryant’s. Mayor Quinton Lucas officially proclaimed July 3 as Henry Perry Day in 2020, recognizing his immense contribution. It is worth noting that Perry was finally inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame in 2014.

When Perry passed away in 1940, he bequeathed his restaurant to one of his dedicated employees named Charlie Bryant. With the assistance of his brother, Arthur, Charlie successfully managed the restaurant. However, in 1946, Arthur assumed full control of the business and decided to relocate it to its present location at 1727 Brooklyn. It’s worth noting that Perry’s restaurant used to be situated at 1900 Highland Avenue.

One of the things that sets Arthur Bryant’s apart is its unique decor. The Formica tables are a memorable detail that you won’t soon forget. When you step inside, you can feel the weight of history surrounding you. Another enjoyable aspect is standing in line and witnessing your food being prepared. It’s exciting to see your chosen meat placed on a slice of white bread, building anticipation for the moment you finally sit down at your table.

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If you’ve never experienced the culinary delights of Arthur Bryant’s, you’re bound to have thoughts on their sauce. It’s a unique flavor profile that leans more towards savory rather than sweet, and surprisingly, I found myself enjoying it. Personally, I’m the type who likes to have my sauce on the side, no matter which barbecue joint I visit.

After the passing of its founder Arthur Bryant on December 28, 1982, at the age of 80, Arthur Bryant’s underwent a change in ownership. While some may argue that it is not the same, or that it remains great, it is important to note that no matter how much a venue expands or attempts to replicate the original, there is truly nothing that can replace the authenticity and charm of the original home base.

In 2021, Arthur Bryant achieved the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame. Despite any opinions, this iconic barbecue establishment continues to hold its legendary status and has been frequented by numerous notable individuals, including past U.S. Presidents.

Even though MMD Acquisitions LLC has acquired the restaurant, property, and trademark, Andrew Miller, one of the key principals, has made it clear that the aim is to continue reminding Kansas City and beyond that Arthur Bryant’s remains one of the top destinations for delicious barbecue worldwide.

You can find the menu at this location, offering a variety of options such as BBQ sandwiches, specialty items, sides, party packs, sauces, and rubs. If you wish to order by the pound, simply contact Arthur Bryant’s at 816-231-1123. The restaurant operates from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm every day, except for Sundays when it closes at 7:00 pm. Additionally, online shipping is available for your convenience.

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Facebook – 5.9k reviews, 4.3 rating

Tripadvisor – 1.8k reviews, 4.0 rating

Yelp – 1.8 reviews, 3.6 rating

A Yelp reviewer from Florida recently raved about their experience, stating, “This place is simply the best. You have to try their turkey sandwich and the burnt ends. It’s like they’ve brought back the old magic.”

There were mixed reviews regarding the food, with some reviewers expressing their appreciation and others feeling disappointed. Additionally, there were contrasting opinions about the staff, as some found them less friendly while others praised the excellent service. It is reassuring to know that someone from the owner’s team is likely reading and taking note of all the comments.

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