Fears of a serial killer after two women are discovered dead within 150 yards

Fears are growing in an Indianapolis community as two women’s bodies have been discovered within 150 yards of each other, with less than a week between the incidents.

The police are still investigating whether the two deaths are linked, but Indiana Police interim police chief Christopher Bailey acknowledges that there are “similarities in these two cases.”

Justin Smith, Lassere’s son, referred to her as “the most incredible woman I’ve ever known.”

According to Fox59, he expressed his dismay at the heartless manner in which they abducted her, emphasizing that she did not deserve such treatment and that she would not have provoked it.

According to a statement by the IMPD, two incidents occurred in close succession, involving two women in their 50s who were both white. Tragically, both individuals lost their lives in the same manner.

The police have not disclosed any details about potential suspects or the method used to kill the two women.

Mr. Bailey explained during a press conference that there are certain aspects of the investigation that cannot be discussed at this time in order to safeguard its integrity.

The local community is in a state of shock following these unsettlingly similar deaths. Donna Spears, a long-time resident of Mitthoefer Road for four decades, expressed her fear and sadness upon hearing the news about the two women.

According to her, she prefers walking to get around but has decided to avoid walking at night.

Greg Hopkins, a long-time resident of the area, expressed his shock at the two killings. Having lived here for over 30 years, he shared his disbelief with Fox59.

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“It’s absolutely sickening that someone would do that to another person,” expressed Mr. Hopkins, his tone filled with outrage and disbelief.

The IMPD has announced their intentions to boost patrols in the region and is urging community members to review their surveillance footage and report any questionable activities.

“We are seeking the assistance of the public as we investigate these crimes, as it is currently unclear whether they are connected,” stated Captain Roger Spurgeon of IMPD during the press conference.

“We are appealing to anyone who may have any information about the victims or their whereabouts leading up to their deaths. If you have surveillance cameras in the vicinity that may have captured anything suspicious, we urge you to come forward with any relevant footage.”

The investigators are collaborating with the Marion County Forensic Services Agency to determine if any forensic evidence can be retrieved from the scene.

Mr. Bailey issued a warning to the local community, urging them to take additional precautions for their safety during this period.

“It is important to be accompanied by someone at night, if possible, to ensure your safety. Additionally, always stay alert and aware of your surroundings,” advised Mr. Bailey.

It is important to ensure that someone knows your whereabouts and that you have a means of communication in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, it is crucial to have knowledge of where to seek assistance if the need arises.

Multiple units, including the IMPD homicide unit, are actively collaborating with the police to investigate these cases.

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