Two people were killed and 6 injured were reported in a shooting outside a bar in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver

In a tragic incident in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood, a shooting outside a bar has left 6 people injured and 2 people dead. The horrifying event has shocked the community and raised concerns about public safety.

According to the Denver Police, an early morning shooting in central Denver has left two men dead and six others hospitalized.

Initially, there was only one reported fatality, but the Denver police released an update at approximately 4:30 p.m., informing that another man had unfortunately lost his life due to his injuries.

The department did not publicize the extent of the injuries sustained by four men and a woman.

According to a social media post by DPD, there is evidence indicating that multiple guns were fired during the shooting.

According to Doug Schepman, a spokesperson for the DPD, it remains unclear whether there are any suspects still at large or if the gunfire was solely from individuals who were injured.

The shooting occurred around 3 a.m. at the intersection of East 33rd Avenue and Hudson Street. Residents in the vicinity reported hearing several gunshots. Limited information is currently available regarding the incident, including the cause or circumstances surrounding the shooting.

According to a CBS News Colorado staffer, an officer at the scene revealed that the incident occurred outside a bar called Hell’s Lovers. Hell’s Lovers is an organization known as a “one percenter” group that originated in Chicago and has chapters in eight states.

Gang expert expresses surprise over “Hell’s Lovers” arrests in Denver (2012)

According to the National Library of Medicine’s definition, “one percenters” are the 1% of motorcycle gangs who do not abide by laws. In 2014, the NLM highlighted that these gang members pose a threat to hospital staff in emergency rooms.

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In January 2012, federal authorities apprehended nineteen individuals from the Denver chapter of the “Hell’s Lovers” on charges related to firearms and drug offenses.

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