Daughter of Chaka Khan Accuses Diddy of Disrespecting and Yelling at Her Mother

Chaka Khan’s daughter, Indira, is reveling in Diddy’s downfall, and it all stems from a longstanding, yet previously unknown, beef she has with him. Allegedly, Diddy disrespected her legendary mother.

Indira, who is also an aspiring singer, strongly criticized Diddy in the comments of his video where he apologized for the incident in 2016. The video was posted after a footage emerged showing him physically assaulting his former girlfriend, Cassie.

Indira, like many others, is not convinced by his apology, but her reasons are deeply personal. In her response, she criticized him for disrespecting Chaka by confronting her during a previous encounter.

Indira expressed her satisfaction with the situation, stating, “I’m glad this is happening to you, as you confronted my mother and openly disrespected her by shouting and screaming like a lunatic. When my younger brother attempted to intervene and remove you from my mother’s presence, your security personnel physically restrained my 19-year-old brother.”

Indira expressed her delight, stating that she was “singing and dancing” while witnessing his downfall. She even tagged her mother, inviting her to share her thoughts on the matter.

Chaka chose not to post a comment, and when we contacted her representative, they also declined to provide a comment.

Indira is not the only public figure to criticize Diddy in response to the Cassie beatdown. For example, Julia Fox spoke with TMZ on Monday, condemning the video as “disgusting” and showing her support for Cassie.

Model Emily Ratajkowski shared her thoughts on Diddy, referring to him as a “monster” in a post on X.

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Diddy has made efforts to rectify the situation by acknowledging in his apology video that he sought treatment after his altercation with Cassie. Currently, the rapper is dealing with several civil lawsuits, wherein he faces accusations of sexual assault and other disturbing allegations.

In March, Homeland Security conducted raids on Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami as part of an investigation into sex trafficking allegations. Diddy has strongly denied these allegations, asserting that his accusers are motivated by financial gain.

Before the release of the Cassie attack video, perceptions were different.

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