Softball-Sized Hail Wreaks Havoc, Shattering 100 Windshields on I-55 in Illinois

I have never witnessed anything quite like this before. A storm chaser captured a video that displays hailstones the size of softballs. These gigantic hailstones are said to have caused extensive damage, shattering the windshields of around 100 vehicles along I-55 in Illinois on Thursday.

A video shared on Facebook by Jack Hart today showcases the incredible devastation caused by hailstorms in Illinois. While there is no official confirmation from the Illinois State Police yet, the footage provides undeniable evidence of the treacherous driving conditions on I-55 during the recent severe storms in the area.

I will monitor accident reports and provide updates for this article as new information becomes available. However, this incredible hail event was just one of the extraordinary weather moments captured today. It was shared shortly after storm chasers in Missouri filmed a video of gorilla-sized hail late on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

KSDK in St. Louis has also confirmed the occurrence of a significant hail event on I-55 today. According to the hail report from NOAA, the damage caused by the hail is currently being reported and reviewed.

It’s hard to believe that Spring hasn’t even officially begun yet, and yet we’re already being greeted with a tumultuous start to thunderstorm season.

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