Fourteen Democrats nationwide denounce Biden immigration policies, including Davis

Just a few hours after the Democrats for Border Security Task Force was formed, a resolution on immigration in the U.S. House of Representatives saw one North Carolinian voting in favor, while another was notably absent.

The co-chairmanship of the new task force also follows the same principle.

Rep. Don Davis stood out among his fellow Democrats by being the sole representative from the state to vote in favor of House Resolution 1065. This resolution, which some argue lacked substantial action beyond expressing a stance, was passed by a vote of 226-193. Notably, 14 Democrats supported the resolution, while no Republicans opposed it.

Earlier on Tuesday, Rep Wiley Nickel, a Democrat from North Carolina, joined a group of 26 House Democrats who formed a task force. This task force, co-chaired by Reps. Henry Cuellar from Texas and Tom Suozzi from New York, had a divided opinion on the resolution. While Cuellar voted in favor of it, Suozzi opposed it. Ultimately, the task force voted against the resolution with a tally of 18-8.

The resolution strongly criticizes President Joe Biden and his administration for their immigration policies, or lack thereof. It emphasizes that the President possesses the power to put an end to catch-and-release policy, reinstate migrant protection protocols, establish asylum cooperative agreements, prevent abuses of parole authority, detain “inadmissible aliens,” utilize expedited removal authority, and curtail taxpayer-funded benefits for individuals who enter or reside in the country illegally. However, it accuses the administration of neglecting to exercise these authorities and urges them to take action.

The lack of debate on proposed Senate legislation to address the overflow of migrants into America has been criticized by the task force. The group is urging for bipartisan cooperation in order to address immigration, including necessary reform and control of the southern border.

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Five out of the 14 representatives from North Carolina in the U.S. House chose not to seek reelection, but Davis, who represents the eastern and northeastern part of the state, decided to run again. Historically, this region has shown a preference for Democratic candidates. Experts analyzing the redistricting process note that the 1st Congressional District is now considered the most competitive. Forecasters are closely monitoring the upcoming election as Davis faces off against Republican retired Army combat colonel Laurie Buckhout.

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