Patrick Mahomes Supports Harrison Butker, Stands Up for His Character

Patrick Mahomes is defending Harrison Butker, commending the kicker for his admirable character after his controversial commencement speech earlier this month.

Butker has faced intense backlash following his remarks at Benedictine College’s graduation ceremony. During his speech, he expressed opinions that were widely criticized as being sexist, anti-gay, and politically divisive.

During Chiefs practice on Wednesday, the Kansas City superstar discussed the backlash against Butker with reporters. He acknowledged that they may not agree on every issue, but he still considers his teammate to be a good person.

“I have known Harrison for seven years,” stated the three-time Super Bowl MVP. “I judge him based on the character he displays each and every day, and I can confidently say that he is a genuinely good person.”


“He added that while there are certain things that he may not necessarily agree with, he understands the person that he is. He recognizes that the person is trying their best to lead people in the right direction, even if their values may differ from his own. However, he believes in judging a person based on the character they display every single day, and in this case, he sees a great person.”

Chiefs head coach, Andy Reid, also addressed the controversy surrounding his player, Harrison Butker. Reid defended Butker, stating that he personally believes Butker “wasn’t speaking ill of women, but he has his opinions and we respect that.”

Reid made it clear that he may not always agree with the reporters present, but he still welcomes them into the room.

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The Chiefs organization continues to show their support, with team heiress Gracie Hunt expressing her admiration for Harrison Butker’s faith and his accomplishments both on and off the field.

Fans have organized two petitions online regarding his status — one calling for his termination and the other supporting his promotion to team captain.

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