NC State DJ Burns Allegedly Loses 45 Pounds Without the Use of Ozempic

College basketball sensation DJ Burns Jr. has undergone a remarkable body transformation following his extraordinary performance in March Madness this year. Reports suggest that he has shed an impressive 45 pounds in just a few weeks. It’s important to note that this significant weight loss is not attributed to the use of Ozempic or any other external factor.

The N.C. State big man, who recently guided the Wolfpack to a Final Four appearance, has been relentlessly training in preparation for the NBA Draft. According to Shams Charania, the talented player has managed to shed a significant amount of weight in the past six and a half weeks.

Shams provided some insight on FanDuel TV, explaining that Burns appeared to be “completely transformed” during their encounter at the prospect’s pro day in Los Angeles this week.

Burns clarified to Shams that he did not credit the diabetes and weight-loss drug for his weight loss. Instead, he opted for the traditional approach of doing cardio workouts four days a week at the crack of dawn.

23-year-old Burns was previously at a weight of 275 pounds. However, as Shams highlighted, he is determined to establish himself at the next level and has made it a priority to work on his physique leading up to the draft in June.

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Burns emerged as a rising star for the Wolfpack during the 2023-24 season, ultimately earning the prestigious ACC tournament MVP accolade. Despite ESPN’s current mock drafts projecting him to go undrafted, his improved physique could potentially enhance his prospects for success.

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