Dennis Rodman’s daughter, Trinity, goes IG official with her NFL player boyfriend

Trinity Rodman, the daughter of NBA legend Dennis Rodman, has happily announced that she is in a relationship with Trinity Benson, an NFL receiver. The NWSL star is officially off the market!

The soccer player, aged 22, took to her Instagram page on Tuesday to introduce her new partner, playfully referencing their shared first name with the caption “Trinity squared.”

Trinity Rodman shared a couple of pictures in her post, showcasing the new couple basking in each other’s company with a lovely and affectionate demeanor under the warm sunshine.

In the comment section of the post, many of her friends and fans expressed their joy for her. One of her USWNT teammates, Sophia Smith, playfully wrote, “hard launch.”

Benson couldn’t resist commenting on the situation, affectionately referring to his mischievous twin as “my treacherous lil’ twin” while adding a heart hand emoji.

It is not clear how Trinity Rodman, the youngest-ever player drafted into the NWSL, and Benson, a former East Central Tigers receiver who played for the Broncos, Lions, and recently the Browns, met each other. Both individuals are incredibly talented athletes. Trinity Rodman is a forward for the Washington Spirit, while Benson is currently a free agent.


Trinity Rodman, who was previously associated with Loyola hooper Chris Kuzemka, seems to have moved on and found love once again.

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