Biden believes he was vice president during the COVID-19 pandemic: ‘Barack said to me, go to Detroit’

President Biden seemed to suggest that he served as the vice president during the COVID-19 pandemic and that he was tasked by former President Barack Obama to assist in the response efforts in Detroit.

During an NAACP campaign event in Michigan on Sunday night, Joe Biden took the opportunity to criticize his presumptive Republican opponent, former President Trump. In his remarks, Biden made a point to mention the ongoing pandemic, which originated in 2019 while Trump was in office. The New York Post was the first to report on Biden’s comments.

Biden acknowledged the challenging circumstances during the pandemic, stating, “When I held the position of vice president, the situation was quite dire.”

Barack instructed me to go to Detroit and assist in its repair.

Biden amusingly mentioned Detroit Democratic Mayor Mike Duggan, who was seated beside him, stating, “Well, the poor mayor – he’s spent more time with me than he ever thought he would have to.”

Duggan stood up and extended his hand to shake Biden’s.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which was declared an outbreak by global health officials in 2019, occurred during the final years of Trump’s presidency, not Obama’s. Biden assumed office towards the end of the pandemic.

In another part of his speech, Biden mentioned his collaboration with civil rights activists during his youth. He even made a lighthearted remark about Detroit’s contribution to his family’s livelihood, as his father, Joseph Biden Sr., worked in the automobile industry.

Just days after receiving high praise from liberal media outlets for his State of the Union address, President Biden found himself in an embarrassing situation as he made a series of gaffes. Despite the positive spin given to his speech, Biden’s verbal missteps highlighted his ongoing struggle to maintain a coherent and polished public image.

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One notable gaffe occurred during a town hall event, where Biden stumbled over his words and appeared to lose his train of thought. This incident raised concerns about his mental acuity and ability to effectively communicate with the American people. Critics argued that such lapses in speech only reinforced their doubts about his fitness for office.

Another instance of Biden’s gaffes came during a press conference, where he mistakenly referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris.” This slip of the tongue further fueled speculation about Biden’s mental sharpness and raised questions about his ability to accurately remember and articulate important details.

These embarrassing gaffes were particularly problematic for Biden, given the media’s attempts to portray him as a strong and capable leader. The liberal media’s hype surrounding his State of the Union performance had created an image of a confident and articulate president. However, Biden’s subsequent verbal blunders undermined this narrative and exposed his vulnerabilities.

While gaffes are not uncommon among politicians, the frequency and significance of Biden’s slip-ups have become a cause for concern. His verbal miscues not only provide fodder for his critics but also erode public confidence in his leadership. As the leader of the free world, it is imperative for Biden to maintain a level of professionalism and eloquence when addressing the nation.

It remains to be seen how Biden’s gaffes will impact his presidency in the long run. However, one thing is clear – the liberal media’s attempt to downplay or ignore these embarrassing moments is becoming increasingly difficult. As Biden continues to face scrutiny over his verbal blunders, his ability to effectively govern and lead the nation will undoubtedly be called into question.

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In one instance, Biden focused his comments on criticizing Trump, asserting that “MAGA Republicans” are inclined towards extremist activities such as book-banning.

Biden voiced concern about the potential jeopardy of the progress made under his administration. He criticized Trump’s efforts to downplay the grim state of affairs during his presidency, emphasizing the need to remember and address the challenges faced by the country during that time.

“He will always be remembered for his dishonesty regarding the severity of the pandemic, suggesting absurd measures like ‘just inject bleach’ – I believe he actually did that. It’s probably the reason why he is so erratic.”

During a recent speech, President Biden took a swipe at his predecessor by expressing concern over the possibility of him appointing additional Supreme Court justices. In a direct and pointed manner, Biden questioned whether his predecessor would choose individuals with the intelligence and critical thinking skills necessary for the position. This remark reflects Biden’s skepticism and doubt regarding the potential future appointments to the Supreme Court.

“It became evident that something inside Trump snapped when he experienced defeat in the 2020 election. I genuinely believe this. He simply cannot come to terms with the fact that he lost. And it is because of this refusal to accept his loss that the events of January 6th unfolded.”

In a recent Fox News Poll conducted in mid-April, it was discovered that 46% of registered voters in Michigan are in favor of Biden, while 49% support Trump. Compared to a similar survey conducted in February, Trump saw a two percentage point increase in support. It is worth noting that two years ago, Biden held an eight percentage point lead over Trump in the Great Lakes State.

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