Vote against constitutional amendments to safeguard Wisconsin elections

Republicans in our State Legislature have repeatedly tried to undermine our elections and suppress voter participation. Once again, they are engaging in these harmful tactics.

Republicans in the State Legislature have introduced two amendments on the April 2 ballot that aim to alter our state constitution and pose a potential threat to our reliable elections system. If these constitutional amendments get the green light, they would impose limitations on local governments, prohibiting them from receiving funds from external organizations. Additionally, they would restrict individuals from participating in election administration and place constraints on who can provide assistance during elections.

Voters should vote against both of these amendments to safeguard elections and preserve the freedom to vote. Here’s why: Question one aims to limit local governments from utilizing external grants that have played a crucial role in ensuring the availability of safety equipment during elections and enhancing accessibility to voting.

During the pandemic in 2020, municipalities were given additional funds to implement essential safety measures at polling locations. This included providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to poll workers and volunteers, as well as creating a secure and safe environment for voters to exercise their right to vote.

Extra election funds have kept voters safe. Don’t take them away.

In previous elections, grants were utilized by local governments to address the issue of long lines at polling locations. By utilizing these funds, they were able to increase the number of polling locations, extend early voting hours, and simplify the process of voting by mail. These measures effectively reduced obstacles to voting and facilitated a smoother voting experience for individuals.

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Grants and donations play a crucial role in ensuring that our elections are adequately funded. Without these funds, the burden of financing elections would fall on taxpayers, ultimately leading to higher taxes. The importance of grants and donations cannot be overstated, as they help keep taxes low and make elections more accessible for all.

It’s heart-wrenching to think about the incident where her daughter was almost fatally injured while crossing the street. The pain and worry that this experience has caused are immeasurable. One can’t help but wonder when these kinds of accidents will cease to happen.

Question two aims to curtail the resources available to municipal clerks by restricting the participation of community members and volunteers in election processes.

Elections consist of various components that require coordination and participation. Volunteers, including election observers and nonpartisan organizations, play a crucial role in spreading awareness about the right to vote among the public. Clerks and election officials rely on these dedicated individuals to inform and educate citizens about their voting rights.

Limiting volunteers will negatively affect election officials.

Restricting this collaboration would limit the support and resources available to clerks for running elections. This would have the most negative impact on voters, particularly those in low-income communities, individuals with disabilities, and communities of color who already face additional obstacles when it comes to voting.

Instead of complicating spring election ballots with a confusing amendment, it would be more beneficial for the legislature to collaborate with the governor in implementing this change. This approach would ensure that clerks receive the necessary support to effectively carry out their responsibilities.

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Voting will become more challenging with these constitutional amendments.

Voters should be the top priority – the ordinary individuals who call Wisconsin home and care deeply about their state. Instead of attempting to limit their voices and votes, state legislators should focus on serving their constituents.

Regardless of our zip codes, race, or backgrounds, we all have the right to fair access to the ballot. Voting is a fundamental freedom that should not be limited by constitutional amendments. Therefore, it is important to vote “no” on the April 2 ballot.

Kyle Johnson, a Political Director at Black Leaders Organizing Communities (BLOC), is currently stationed in Racine and Kenosha.

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