Marjorie Taylor Greene responds to Crockett with workout video: ‘I am fit and powerful’

Marjorie Taylor Greene has issued a response to Rep. Jasmine Crockett following their showdown at the House Oversight Committee on Thursday. The exchange between the two politicians has sparked a wave of memes and even merchandise.

In response to the Texas Democrat’s viral comment about her physique during a committee hearing, the far-right firebrand took to social media to share a video of herself working out in a garage. She defended her physical fitness and appearance, refusing to be undermined by the derogatory remark.

The Georgia congresswoman proudly states that her strong and fit body is a result of a healthy lifestyle, without any artificial enhancements or surgeries. Approaching her 50th birthday, she is determined to continue engaging in various physical activities like lifting weights, running, swimming, playing sports, surfing, skiing, and climbing. She expresses her gratitude to God for the opportunity to live life to the fullest and cherishing every moment.

Ms. Crockett recently made an exciting announcement on X regarding her new venture: selling merchandise that showcases “random things I’ve said.” The purpose behind this initiative is to raise funds for House Democrats. As part of this endeavor, she has released a video to promote her merchandise.

Ms. Crockett announced on X that she will be releasing a new collection called “A Crockett Clapback Collection.”

“I’m excited to announce this collection which will include a range of cool merchandise featuring some of my most memorable quotes. By purchasing items from this collection, you’ll be supporting our mission to secure a Democratic House!”

The post showcased an image of a man wearing a t-shirt that proudly displayed Crockett’s infamous “bleach blonde” statement about Ms. Greene.

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During a heated exchange at a House Oversight Committee hearing on Thursday night, Crockett’s now-viral phrase captured the essence of the fiery spat between the Democrat and Ms. Greene.

Republican lawmakers pushed for a hearing to determine whether US Attorney General Merrick Garland could be held in contempt of Congress.

The hearing veered off track when Ms. Greene launched an unexpected attack on Ms. Crockett, criticizing her choice of “fake eyelashes.”

Ms. Greene inquired if any Democrats on the committee are currently employing Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter.

Judge Juan Merchan is currently presiding over the hush money trial of Donald Trump in New York. Both the former president and other Republicans have consistently criticized the judge and his daughter, citing her previous work for Democrats.

Ms. Crockett responded to Ms. Greene, questioning the relevance of the topic to Merrick Garland. She asked if Ms. Greene was aware of the purpose of their discussion.

Ms. Greene responded, saying, “I believe you’re not clear on your purpose here. It seems like your fake eyelashes are interfering with your reading.”

In response to Chairman James Comer’s ruling that Ms. Greene’s comments did not violate House rules, Ms. Crockett fired back with her own impassioned remark directed at the Republican congresswoman.

She asked the chairman if it would be considered engaging in personalities if someone on the committee started talking about someone’s bleach blonde, bad-built butch body.

Greene’s workout video caused a stir on the internet, prompting a response from podcast host Fred Wellman, who recalled, “Remember when you first started it? We do. Nice attempt. But here’s the truth…it’s not about how much you exercise or how much you deceive…it’s the hateful words you spread that truly makes you unattractive, not your physical appearance.”

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Jessica Anderson, a Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, expressed her strong disapproval, stating that exercising won’t alter one’s inner ugliness. She accused the target of her comment of attacking human rights, democracy, and freedom, which has made them a target for people from various political backgrounds. In a poignant addition, she concluded by reminding the target that even God sees their ugliness.

Former Republican New York Rep George Santos enthusiastically expressed his support for Ms. Greene, emphasizing her unstoppable nature. He affectionately referred to her as his dear friend and commended her for being in phenomenal shape, acknowledging that many people aspire to be in as great shape as she is.

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