Watch: Ricky Stenhouse Jr. punches Kyle Busch after he “runs his mouth” at NASCAR

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. attributed the NASCAR brawl between him and Kyle Busch to the latter’s tendency to “run his mouth.” The altercation took place in North Wilkesboro, N.C., and was preceded by an on-track confrontation, during which Busch forcefully sent Stenhouse’s Chevrolet into a wall.

After the All-Star Race on Sunday night at North Wilkesboro Speedway, Stenhouse approached Busch. This led to a confrontation between multiple members of their racing teams in the pit area, with post-race fireworks lighting up the sky.

During the Fox Sports broadcast, Stenhouse expressed his frustration with the constant verbal taunting directed at him. He firmly stated, “It’s incredibly frustrating to constantly hear him talk about me.”

“He is clearly frustrated because he can’t run as well as he used to.”

The altercation between the drivers began with a short dispute over causing wrecks. In a sudden move, Stenhouse swung his right arm and landed a punch on the side of Busch’s head. The impact caused both drivers to fall to the ground, prompting their crew members to intervene amidst the commotion behind a cluster of haulers.

“I’m exhausted from constantly being taken advantage of,” Busch expressed to reporters moments before the altercation. “It seems like everyone’s strategy is to disregard others and push their way through to overtake them.”

During the second lap of the race, Stenhouse made a pass on Busch’s car, causing him to scrape the right side of his car against the wall. In response, Busch accelerated and drove up to Stenhouse’s bumper, using the front of his car to forcefully collide with the rear left fender of Stenhouse’s car.

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Stenhouse was sent sideways by the move, causing him to slam into the wall. This collision not only ripped up his hood but also brought an end to his day.

Stenhouse took his No. 47 Chevrolet and drove it straight to Busch’s No. 8 Chevrolet pit box. Stepping out of his car, Stenhouse made his way up the ladder to Busch’s pit box, eager to have a word with his crew. With the race still ongoing, Stenhouse patiently waited for it to finish so he could confront his rival one last time.

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Joey Logano emerged victorious in the race, securing not only the coveted title but also a handsome prize of $1 million. His exceptional performance saw him leading for an impressive 199 out of 200 laps, setting a new All-Star Race record. In contrast, Busch finished in 10th place, with Stenhouse coming in 20th.

The upcoming race in the Cup Series is the Coca-Cola 600, set to take place on Sunday in Charlotte, N.C. During a post-race conversation, Stenhouse expressed his intention to deliberately crash his car at the event. You can catch the race live at 6 p.m. on Fox.

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