Staind Drummer Jon Wysocki, Co-Founder of the Band, Passes Away at Age 53

Jon Wysocki, the renowned drummer and founding member of Staind, has tragically passed away.

Jon’s bandmates, who are also members of his other rock group Lydia’s Castle, took to social media to announce the heartbreaking news of his passing. They revealed that the talented drummer passed away on Saturday evening, with his loved ones by his side.

According to reports, Jon, the musician from Lydia’s Castle, was facing liver problems that required medical attention. Although the exact cause of his death was not disclosed by the members of the band.

Jon’s death has deeply affected his former bandmates from his time in SOIL. They have expressed their sorrow and paid tribute to him, recognizing him as a remarkable talent and one of the greats.

“They continued to express their deep admiration for Jon Wysocki, highlighting not only his incredible skills as a drummer, but also his qualities as a friend and a remarkable human being. They considered it a true privilege to have had him as a member of SOIL for the period that he was with them. The memories they shared were filled with laughter and joy, and they acknowledged that his absence will be deeply felt. They concluded their heartfelt tribute by expressing their hope of meeting again in the future, emphasizing the special bond they shared with Jon as a dear friend.”

In 1995, Jon rose to fame when he co-founded Staind alongside vocalist Aaron Lewis, guitarist Mike Mushok, and bassist Johnny April. Jon’s tenure with the band lasted nearly two decades before his departure in 2011, eventually being replaced by Sal Giancarelli.

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Aaron fondly remembers Jon, despite their paths diverging years ago. On Sunday, he paid a heartfelt tribute to his old friend.

He expressed his emotions by stating, “I am filled with deep sadness. I have lost a dear friend – a friend with whom I shared a bond akin to that of brothers. We fought side by side, supported one another, and had each other’s backs. We cared for each other like family, and the thought of his absence weighs heavy on my heart. We shared countless moments of joy and sorrow, and his presence made a significant impact on my journey. Without him by my side, my path would have taken a different course.”

Jon was a 53-year-old man.

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