Patricia Heaton Stands Up for Harrison Butker Amid Controversy Surrounding Graduation Speech

Actress Patricia Heaton has voiced her opinion on the Harrison Butker controversy, but not everyone may agree with her stance.

The NFL star received support from the “Everybody Loves Raymond” actress following his controversial graduation speech at Benedictine College last week, where he criticized Pride Month and working women.

While many women have expressed dissatisfaction with Harrison’s commencement address, Patricia took to Instagram to urge critics to calm down. She emphasized that the Kansas City Chiefs kicker is entitled to his beliefs, regardless of how controversial they may be.

People are defending PH, saying, “I don’t understand why everyone is so upset. He delivered a commencement speech, and the audience showed their appreciation by applauding twice during the speech and giving him a standing ovation at the end. It’s evident that they enjoyed what he had to say.”

In highlighting Harrison’s beliefs, she made it clear that he should not be labeled as a monster.

As Patricia proceeded, she expressed her approval of his speech, stating that she did not find anything offensive about it. Interestingly, Patricia, who herself was a working mom, shared that she resonated with the sentiments expressed. In her video, she proudly identified as a Catholic and attributed her ability to balance work and motherhood to God, emphasizing that her schedule allowed her to be actively involved in her children’s lives.

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Patricia admitted that Harrison may not have approved of her working while being a mother. However, she confidently stated that she was not bothered by his potential disapproval.

Other celebrities have also come to Harrison’s defense, including Whoopi Goldberg, who believes that the footballer is entitled to his opinion. However, there are those like Maren Morris, Flavor Flav, Maria Shriver, Hoda Kotb, and numerous fans who have criticized him for his conservative views.

Is it okay to have different opinions and still get along?

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