Texas Governor Greg Abbott plans to construct a military base in Eagle Pass

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) has unveiled a proposal to build a new military base in the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas. This strategic move comes in response to the influx of immigrants attempting to enter the United States in that area.

Texas National Guardsmen have been setting up barbed wire fences at the border as part of their efforts to prevent illegal immigration. Despite a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department against the Texas government for these tactics, Border Patrol was instructed to remove the barbed wire while the Texas National Guard proceeded with their installation of additional wire.

During a press conference this week, Governor Abbott expressed his belief that the implementation of this technology would greatly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Texas Military Department soldiers in Eagle Pass.

The 80-acre property will eventually accommodate approximately 1,800 National Guardsmen, with the initial phase of 300 beds becoming available in April.

Texas has spent a staggering $124,603,616.19 over the course of less than two years on busing immigrants out of the state to various sanctuary cities. This expense has placed a significant burden on Texas, which has been shouldering the cost of transporting these individuals.

While most of the mission, as part of Operation Lone Star led by Abbott, is funded by taxpayers, the government also seeks donations specifically for the transportation of these immigrants.

Since Biden took office, it has been reported that more than 10 million immigrants entered the country illegally, making it the highest recorded number under any administration within that timeframe.

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Operation Lone Star, Texas’ own border security initiative that has been in effect since March 2021, has yielded impressive results for law enforcement. During this time, a staggering 497,600 illegal immigrants have been apprehended. Out of these individuals, 39,000 have been arrested, leading to a total of 35,200 felony charges. Additionally, the authorities have successfully confiscated over 454 million lethal doses of fentanyl since the commencement of this operation. Such outcomes highlight the effectiveness and importance of Operation Lone Star in safeguarding the border and maintaining law and order.

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