Authorities in McLennan County provide a helicopter to tackle the immigration situation at the Texas border

Governor Abbott expresses concerns about the lack of agreement on border security in Washington, stating that the state of Texas has been left to fend for itself (KWTX).

A surge in border crossings has garnered significant attention in recent months. However, what has gone relatively unnoticed is the extraordinary measures being taken by Texas law enforcement to address the challenges associated with illegal crossings, drug trafficking, and human smuggling. They view this situation as an invasion on our border and are prepared to engage in a determined battle to combat these issues.

Texas law enforcement agencies are joining forces to combat the issues along the border, and Mclennan County’s loaning of one of its Bell Jet Ranger helicopters exemplifies this collaborative effort.

Sheriff Parnell Mcnamara expresses his admiration for the remarkable level of cooperation among law enforcement agencies. He is overwhelmed by the collective effort and teamwork displayed by everyone involved in tackling the border issues. Mcnamara believes that the strong bond and collaboration between these agencies are the primary reasons for their presence and effectiveness in this region.

When Texas law enforcement took control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass and closed off illegal crossings, the illicit activity escalated in Sheriff Ray Del Bosque’s jurisdiction in Zapata County.

The Sheriff requested assistance from the Operation Lone Star Task Force, a collective of Texas law enforcement agencies working together to safeguard the border.

Sheriff Roy Boyd of Goliad County conceived this unique idea, which brings together a total of 28 diverse agencies from across the state. These agencies include the Department of Public Safety Troopers, Texas Rangers, Border Patrol Agents, Sheriff’s Departments, and various police departments. The task force operates under the funding provided by Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, which boasts an impressive annual budget of $10 billion. It is important to note that their focus is solely on combating criminal activity associated with immigration, rather than enforcing immigration laws themselves.

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“I comprehend that there are individuals who may not fully comprehend the magnitude of the situation at hand. It is important to note that we are not primarily dealing with an immigration issue. As local law enforcement officials, we do not possess the jurisdiction to address immigration matters. Our authority lies solely within the realm of enforcing the state laws that have already been established,” explained Sheriff Roy Boyd.

Pat Curry, a candidate for the District 56 State Representatives race, is also a seasoned local businessman with over two decades of experience in importing and transporting minerals for the oil and gas and construction industries. Throughout his career, he has established strong connections with elected officials and law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border. His primary objective is to collaborate and streamline efforts to combat illegal activities and ensure the protection of trade.

“Trade with Mexico holds a significant level of importance. It is crucial for the U.S. government to take charge of immigration matters within our country. The current situation in Texas is overwhelming due to the government’s failure to fulfill its responsibilities. It is imperative that we complete the construction of the border wall, implement barriers along the river, provide adequate support at the border to prevent unauthorized crossings, and subsequently activate and adequately staff the 26 entry points along the border. This would allow individuals to enter the country legally, by following the appropriate procedures and waiting in line. Additionally, it is crucial to put an end to the practice of catch and release. These measures are not only evident on one side of the river, but also recognized by both sides,” emphasized Curry.

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Debbie Duke, Curry’s opponent in the Republican Primary, had a different perspective on the issue. She expressed her disagreement with the idea of directing people towards the 26 points of entry. Instead, she believed in implementing stricter measures to control immigration. According to Duke, keeping the country closed off until the situation is under control is necessary. She argued that leaving entry ports open only encourages the vulnerable, such as women and children, to endure the risk of rape and abuse in their attempts to reach the border.

In this election year, several individuals involved in the Operation Lone Star Task Force, including Curry and McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara, are seeking election or re-election.

Sheriff Roy Boyd stated that regardless of whether this is political grandstanding or not, the results of the operation speak for themselves. According to him, the Border Patrol has deemed it as the most successful operation they have been involved in. While the total numbers are not yet available, Sheriff Boyd mentioned that the Task Force was able to seize 127 pounds of marijuana, along with $200 thousand in cash that was intended to head south. Additionally, a significant number of arrests were made and many individuals were detained.

In just one week, the Task Force acknowledges the significance of being prepared for border-related tasks, even though they won’t be working on it full-time.

Sheriff Mcnamara expressed his concerns about the immigration issue, stating that it is not just a problem at the border. He emphasized that the immigrants, including gang members, are infiltrating their counties and putting the entire state at risk.

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If elected, Jeff Aguirre plans to ensure that Mclennan County remains an integral part of the task force, according to his opponent, Mcnamara.

“The members of the Operation Lone Star Task Force are taking matters into their own hands, a necessary step when the US Government fails to provide assistance. Aguirre expressed the belief that it is the duty of law enforcement, as well as Texans and Americans, to address a broken system and unite to rectify the issue.”

Members of the Operation Lone Star Task Force express their willingness to step up until effective measures are taken to secure the border in Washington.

“It’s incredibly reassuring to know that we have support in this ongoing battle on the border, as we work tirelessly to protect the great state of Texas and our beloved country, the United States of America.”

According to Sheriff McNamara, they will provide manpower and resources for as long as they are required.

“We are always available to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. You can trust that we will be here for you whenever you need us,” Mcnamara assured.

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