Ryan Gosling Declines Mentally Disturbing Roles to Prioritize Eva Mendes, Their Children, and Their Collective Well-being

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Ryan Gosling revealed that he has made a conscious decision to avoid psychologically twisted roles in order to prioritize his mental well-being and family life. The talented actor, who has been nominated for an Oscar, is a father of two children with his partner and fellow actor, Eva Mendes. Gosling’s recent film choices, such as the comedy “Barbie” and the action romance “The Fall Guy,” clearly demonstrate his commitment to this career shift.

“I’m not really interested in taking on roles that would drag me into a dark place,” Gosling stated. “Right now, my priority is to gauge the atmosphere at home and determine what’s best for all of us. When it comes to making decisions, Eva and I always consider our family first.”

“I believe ‘La La Land’ was the turning point,” Gosling expressed when discussing his career shift. “It was not only enjoyable for me, but I also thought it would be exciting for my children. Even though they couldn’t come to the set, we would practice the piano, dance, and sing together. Their fascination with ‘Barbie’ and lack of interest in Ken served as motivation. They were already creating little movies with their Barbies on the iPad, so it felt like we were on the same wavelength when I went to work to make a movie too.”

In his upcoming film, “The Fall Guy,” Gosling takes on the role of a Hollywood stuntman who agrees to work on a highly anticipated blockbuster in order to win back his true love, the movie’s director (Emily Blunt). Gosling’s comedic talent shines once again on the big screen, as praised by Variety’s chief film critic Peter Debruge, who describes the actor’s performance as one of his most charming yet. Debruge notes that Gosling combines the dedicated action hero from “Drive” with the charismatic ladies’ man from “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

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“The Fall Guy’ is not only funny, but it also has a sexy vibe. In addition, it showcases Ryan Gosling in his finest form, resembling a scene-stealing version of the beloved boy’s toy, ‘Barbie.’ In his review, Debruge praises Gosling’s performance, describing him as a charismatic and captivating actor. Unlike his expressionless portrayal in ‘Only God Forgives,’ Gosling’s character in ‘The Fall Guy’ radiates charm, making him an ideal choice for the role.”

“The Fall Guy” will be released in theaters on May 3 by Universal Pictures. To read Gosling’s full interview, visit The Wall Street Journal Magazine’s website.

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