Netflix Confirms Adam Sandler’s ‘Happy Gilmore’ Sequel in the Works

After years of anticipation and speculation, it’s finally coming true – Adam Sandler is set to take the lead in a sequel to his beloved comedy, “Happy Gilmore.” This exciting news has been confirmed by Netflix, assuring fans that the project is officially underway.

On Wednesday, the streaming giant made a significant announcement, revealing that the leading man will be returning for the second installment of the 1996 golf film. The movie was also co-written by the Sand-man himself.

Netflix made an exciting announcement on X, stating that the beloved character Happy Gilmore will be returning to the screen. Adam Sandler will once again step into his iconic role in a new movie that will be exclusively available on Netflix. Fans can look forward to seeing their favorite golf-loving protagonist in action once more.

There has been speculation for some time now about the possibility of a Happy Gilmore sequel. Adam Sandler himself confirmed this during an interview on “The Dan Patrick Show” last month, where he mentioned that he has been working on continuing Happy’s story and even offered a role to the legendary sportscaster.

In a surprising turn of events, it seems that Shooter McGavin himself, played by the talented Christopher McDonald, may have divulged some confidential information. During an interview, McDonald revealed that he had spoken to Adam Sandler about a potential sequel to the beloved film in March.

It’s official now … and it’s fantastic news for all the die-hard fans of the original.


The original movie included the talented individuals Carl Weathers, Bob Barker, and Joe Flaherty, who have all sadly passed away in recent years. Sandler assured fans that these legends will be honored in some form in the upcoming film.

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Adam Sandler has expressed his determination to ensure that the second installment of the movie lives up to the high standards set by its predecessor. We can only hope that he succeeds!

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