Employee at Amazon Attempts to Shoot Supervisor but Fails, Gets Shot by Police

Cops have identified Ali Hamsa Yusuf, a 22-year-old security guard employed by Amazon, as the individual who attempted to shoot his supervisor. The incident, which was captured on surveillance footage, involved Yusuf bringing a gun to work.

In an exciting clip, Yusuf attempts to shoot his boss with a gun. However, the gun malfunctions, causing it to jam. Undeterred, Yusuf quickly inspects the weapon, identifies and resolves the issue, and successfully fires it a second time.

However, Ali fails to hit his target, causing the person to swiftly dodge and flee. This unexpected turn of events startles Ali, causing him to quickly change course and hastily escape from the store.

Yusuf, who attempted to flee, was fatally shot by officers. The injured officer, who sustained minor injuries, was promptly transported to a hospital for treatment. Thankfully, he has since been discharged and is now recuperating at home.

The reason for Yusuf’s attempt to shoot his supervisor remains unknown, according to the police.

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