Rep. Lauren Boebert claimed her ex-husband had attacked their son, leading to the issuance of a temporary restraining order

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert successfully obtained a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband, Jayson, on Friday. Boebert made these legal moves after alleging that Jayson had physically assaulted their teenage son during a heated argument. Additionally, she accused him of issuing threats towards her and unlawfully entering their family home to seize a rifle without permission.

The former couple’s contentious split has been marked by a series of flare-ups, with the latest being the issuance of a restraining order. Although their divorce was finalized in October , their conflicts continue to escalate.

On Friday, the judge issued a temporary restraining order that may become permanent after the hearing on Thursday. The order also includes safeguards for the couple’s three younger sons.

During their argument at a restaurant on January 6, he falsely accused her of physically assaulting him. However, he later admitted that his claim was untrue, and the police confirmed that there was no evidence to support his allegations.

According to court documents, Jayson Boebert faced charges of disorderly conduct, third-degree criminal trespass, and obstructing a peace officer after being uncooperative when police responded at the restaurant.

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Jayson Boebert expressed his surprise upon learning about the restraining order against him. In a text message to The Associated Press, he explained that he entered the home to tidy up in anticipation of “her Granny’s” arrival. Regarding the incident at the restaurant, he asserted his innocence, stating, “I would never harm Lauren. I simply wish to move forward and find peace.”

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According to him, his ex-wife is using the restraining order as a means to justify her decision to relocate to a different congressional district.

Congresswoman Boebert, a strong Republican and a dedicated supporter of former President Donald Trump, decided to switch districts in December. She sought to avoid a challenging reelection campaign and also mentioned personal family difficulties as a factor in her decision to move from Silt, Colorado to Windsor in her new district.

In her request, Boebert also mentioned a physical altercation that took place between her ex-husband and their 18-year-old son on January 9. It was reported that their son had called the authorities while Jayson Boebert grabbed a rifle and left the scene. According to court documents, Jayson Boebert is facing charges of harassment, prohibited use of a weapon, and third-degree assault. It should be noted that Lauren Boebert was not present during this incident.

Jayson Boebert avoided directly addressing the AP’s questions regarding the incident that occurred on January 9 in the text messages.

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