State officials are demanding stronger laws to close illegal smoke shops

State officials are once again urging the closure of illegal smoke shops.

New York Assembly members took a stand on Saturday, rallying in Pelham Bay to advocate for stricter legislation aimed at cracking down on the proliferation of illegal shops throughout New York City.

According to Jenifer Rajkumar, NY Assembly – District 38, it is widely known among New Yorkers that these illegal smoke shops are breeding grounds for criminal activity.

According to officials, there is a staggering ratio of 400 illegal smoke shops for every legal one in all five boroughs.

“We had high hopes that the marijuana being sold would be safe and under control,” expressed Michael Benedetto, who serves as the New York Assembly member for District 82.

Mayor Eric Adams expressed his frustration with the existing law.

Advocates are pushing for the inclusion of new legislation in the state budget, which is scheduled for a vote in less than a week.

Investigative reporter Dan Krauth investigates the squatting loophole and speaks to officials for more information.

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