Pressure grows for daylight saving time reform

As the tradition dictates and as mandated by federal law, Illinois residents will soon be required to adjust their clocks forward in order to make the most of the extended daylight hours.

Daylight saving time is making its official return at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 10. This annual tradition is often met with mixed emotions as Illinoisans prepare to gain more sunlight each day, but also lose an hour of precious sleep.

State Representative Bob Morgan, a Democrat from Deerfield, is among those advocating for the abolition of this system. He emphasizes the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation, particularly on children and senior citizens.

According to Morgan, legislators with young children understand the negative impact of moving our clocks forward and losing an hour of sleep. It not only affects our own sleep but also has consequences for our children, affecting their productivity and how they feel throughout the day.

According to him, the biannual clock ritual has been nonsensical for many years.

Morgan is actively seeking support for House Bill 1192, a proposal aimed at establishing a permanent daylight saving time. This would eliminate the need to adjust the clock twice a year and alleviate the negative effects of sleep deprivation.

Morgan expressed gratitude for the widespread support received from diverse individuals, emphasizing that it is not a matter of partisanship.

Making daylight saving time permanent would require a federal change, but Morgan believes that achieving this goal is also within reach.

“I believe that once we reach a critical mass, we will be able to progress as a state and firmly communicate to Congress that Illinois is taking a strong stance on this issue. It is imperative that we act swiftly to implement these necessary changes,” Morgan expressed.

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It is important to convey to Congress that this arbitrary time-keeping system must be abolished.

According to his predictions, small businesses would reap the rewards of daylight reform.

According to The Center Square, the extended hours of daylight would greatly benefit numerous small businesses by allowing them to remain open for longer periods. This, in turn, would generate a significant boost in revenue for various establishments across the state.

Last January, Morgan’s bill was introduced, and it gained the support of state Rep. Travis Weaver, R-Edwards, as a co-sponsor in November, indicating bipartisan backing.

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