‘Huge Success’ for the Impeachment Inquiry: Hunter Biden’s Deposition: Comer

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer expressed his satisfaction with the closed-door deposition of Hunter Biden on Wednesday, stating that it was a significant accomplishment for the ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

During an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity, Comer, who is overseeing the GOP-led impeachment inquiry into Hunter’s father, pointed out that the transcript revealed Hunter Biden’s lack of truthfulness. Not only did he accuse his former business associates of lying, but he also admitted that Joe Biden had indeed received $40,000 originating from China.

According to him, the deposition confirmed many of the things that were discussed during the investigation. He believes that the deposition was a major success.

Hunter Biden’s attorney was contacted by Newsweek via email on Friday night to request a comment.

The Context

Hunter Biden’s deposition took place as part of the House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Biden. The accusations revolve around the president’s alleged involvement in and benefits from his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings. The White House has consistently refuted any suggestion that Biden had any connection to his son’s activities.

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability has recently made public the transcript of its meeting with Hunter Biden, which took place on Thursday.

What We Know

In the transcript, Hunter consistently refuted any involvement of his father in his business ventures. He emphasized that during his time as a practicing lawyer, as well as in his investments and transactions, both domestic and international, and even in his role as a board member and artist, his father had no part to play.

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According to Hunter Biden, his father was never involved in any of his business ventures. He stated that his father never received any financial benefits or took any actions on his behalf. Hunter confidently asserted that this was not only true for himself but for every member of their family.


Democratic Representative Robert Garcia of California expressed his criticism of the impeachment inquiry following Wednesday’s deposition.

“I was in the Hunter Biden deposition for hours yesterday, but no evidence was presented against the President,” Garcia shared on X, formerly known as Twitter. “It’s high time we investigate the true White House crime family. What’s the reason behind Jared Kushner receiving $2 billion shortly after his departure from the Trump White House? We need answers.”

Republican Representative Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota criticized Hunter Biden, stating that he only wants to address questions that are convenient for him.

“The deposition marked a significant milestone, but there is still a crucial step ahead – a live congressional hearing. It is imperative that the American people have the opportunity to witness and understand the events unfolding,” Armstrong expressed on X.

What’s Next?

House Republicans continue to pursue the probe, despite the charges brought against former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov for making false statements and manufacturing false records related to the Biden family’s business dealings.

During an interview with Sean Hannity on Wednesday night, Congressman Comer emphasized the importance of bringing Hunter Biden in for a public hearing. He believes that it is crucial to hear from other associates of Joe Biden’s son in order to determine the truth of the matter. Comer is eager to let the American people decide for themselves who is telling the truth.

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