Police in Alabama arrest two men from Georgia for first-degree property theft in connection to a phone scam

The Auburn Police Department has announced the arrest of two men from Georgia who were involved in a phone scam. According to the authorities, these individuals would call unsuspecting victims and demand money from them under the threat of arrest.

An arrest warrant was issued on Tuesday for Kieth Alexander McClymont, 33, from Atlanta, and Davida Samantha Perry, 29, from Cedartown. They are wanted for the theft of property in the first degree.

Auburn Police has made arrests in connection with a phone scam following a theft report in December. According to the victim, McClymont and Perry repeatedly called them, pretending to be law enforcement officers.

The victim was approached by both suspects who informed them that in order to avoid arrest, they had to make payments to clear false court penalties. Upon further investigation, the police were able to identify the individuals as the perpetrators of the phone scam and issued warrants for their arrest on charges of theft of property in the first degree back in January.

Last week, the City of South Fulton Police Department arrested McClymont. He voluntarily agreed to be extradited and was subsequently transferred to the Auburn Police Department on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the Polk County Police Department arrested Perry. He was then taken by the Auburn Police Department after waiving extradition.

Both men were apprehended and subsequently transported to the Lee County Jail, where they were detained on a $5,000 bond.

The public is being warned by the police to stay vigilant if they receive a call from someone demanding payment and asking for funds to be transferred electronically. Law enforcement officials advise that if you find yourself in such a situation, it is best to end the call immediately.

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