NYPD actively seeks thieves responsible for breaking into Bronx bodega and stealing $100K in cash

Police in the Bronx are currently on the hunt for the audacious burglars responsible for breaking into a local bodega and making off with a staggering $100,000 in cash.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video on Sunday night, as they skillfully broke into a private office while wearing masks and using flashlights. Once inside, they proceeded to take cash from the store’s register.

The store owner couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotion when they realized the extent of what had been taken.

According to Fernando Mateo, spokesperson for United Bodegas of America, the bodega owner is undoubtedly experiencing economic, social, and mental breakdowns as a result of losing $100,000.

The owner of Los Castillo Mini Market and Deli on University Avenue was too overwhelmed with emotions to express his feelings. However, the entire community has come together to support his store during this difficult time.

“I’m familiar with him, his father, and their entire family. They are all hardworking individuals,” expressed Radhames Rodriguez, President of United Bodegas of America. “It’s truly heartbreaking. The reason I feel this way is because I myself am a grocery store owner.”

In the surveillance footage, one of the burglars can be seen calmly standing behind the counter, nonchalantly placing the unsecured cash into his backpack.

The owner only became aware of the break-in when he arrived for work on Monday. The perpetrator had used a crowbar to force open the steel back door, causing damage to the security cameras.

According to Mateo, the perpetrators managed to sever the Wi-Fi wiring and disable all the instruments that could have notified the police departments.

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Burglaries across the city have seen a decline, but the situation takes a different turn in the Bronx, particularly within the 46th Precinct. Recent crime statistics from the NYPD reveal a concerning rise of 25% in burglaries in this area. This surge in criminal activity is taking a toll on small businesses, leading to significant financial losses.

According to Mateo, bodega owners face the constant threat of being followed to their homes and being robbed right at their doorstep or inside their apartments, a situation reminiscent of the 1990s.

The owners are overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness as they strive to make a living.

Rodriguez, with 35 years of experience, empathizes with the struggle of earning a few dollars. “The store and I have witnessed firsthand the challenges that come with making a living,” he shared.

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