Most of the injured Arizona National Guard soldiers are back to duty in Jordan

Most of the Arizona National Guard troops who were injured in a drone strike in Jordan on Sunday have returned to their duties.

Arizona National Guard Major General Kerry Muehlenbeck provided a media update regarding the condition of the more than 40 troops who were injured in the strike originating from Arizona. President Joe Biden’s statement revealed that three troops, who were not affiliated with the state’s guard, lost their lives in the attack by “Iran-backed militant groups.”

During a news conference at the Papago Park Military Reservation on Saturday morning, she announced that the majority of the personnel have returned to their duties.

According to Muehlenbeck, three individuals required medical evacuation. One of them was transported to Germany, while the other two remained in the Middle East. The major general personally visited the soldier receiving care in Landstuhl, Germany, during her journey back from Kazakhstan. Currently, the soldier is undergoing treatment in the United States.

According to Muehlenbeck, the two individuals who were regionally evacuated have since been returned to duty. He mentioned that they strive to stay updated, but the situation can vary.

According to the major general, it is unlikely that the wounded soldier will be sent back to the Middle East during this deployment.

“She said that she expects today she won’t be coming back to the region as she needs some time to recover.”

Muehlenbeck stated that she hasn’t personally contacted the affected families, but she assured that an outreach process is currently in progress. Moreover, she emphasized that mental health care and chaplain support are being provided for the soldiers who may require psychological assistance following the attack.

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“We also make sure to provide support for families in that aspect,” she mentioned.

According to Reuters, on Friday night, the United States conducted airstrikes in Iraq and Syria targeting the groups believed to be responsible for the drone attack.

In an email to The Center Square on Tuesday, Captain Erin Hannigan, the director of communications for the guard, provided details about the injuries suffered by the troops.

According to the speaker, the injuries varied from cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injuries. Out of the total number of injuries, 34 individuals were able to return to duty. Additionally, there were three cases where individuals had to be medically evacuated for further care, but their injuries were not life-threatening. The rest of the injured personnel are currently being closely monitored to ensure their recovery, so they can eventually resume their duties.

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