GOP governors and Border Patrol union support Abbott in border war with Biden

On Sunday, Eagle Pass, Texas will be the focal point as Governor Greg Abbott is joined by 14 other governors to demonstrate unity against President Joe Biden’s border policies. This gathering aims to express support for the states’ constitutional right to self-defense.

After the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling last month that authorized Border Patrol agents to remove concertina wire barriers on state land near Eagle Pass, a total of 25 governors expressed their solidarity with Texas.

In response to an increase in illegal border crossers and crime, city and county officials in the Eagle Pass area of Texas declared an emergency and issued disaster declarations. This ruling was issued as a result of one of three lawsuits filed over Texas’ border security measures.

According to Governor Abbott, the Texas National Guard remains steadfast in their mission to protect the border in Eagle Pass. He emphasized that Texas is determined to maintain border security even in the absence of assistance from the Biden administration.

Abbott has invoked the self-defense clause of the U.S. Constitution, asserting that the president has violated the constitutional agreement with the states. According to Abbott, Texas has the constitutional right to safeguard its border when the federal government fails to do so. Twenty-five governors are in agreement, stating that if the president is unwilling to protect them, states will have no choice but to defend themselves.

Over half of the supporters made their way to Texas to demonstrate their backing. Among those who joined Abbott on Sunday were Sarah Huckabee Sanders from Arkansas, Brian Kemp from Georgia, Brad Little from Idaho, Eric Holcomb from Indiana, Kim Reynolds from Iowa, Jeff Landry from Louisiana, Tate Reeves from Mississippi, Mike Parson from Missouri, Greg Gianforte from Montana, Jim Pillen from Nebraska, Chris Sununu from New Hampshire, Kristi Noem from South Dakota, Bill Lee from Tennessee, and Spencer Cox from Utah.

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The Biden administration has called on Abbott to direct the Texas Military Department to release control of Shelby Park, a park in Eagle Pass. Abbott, who serves as the commander in chief of the Texas military, had previously ordered National Guard troops to take over the park, citing concerns that Border Patrol agents were using it as a staging ground for illegal entry into Texas and violating federal law. While there have been no court orders to halt or remove the concertina wire or other barriers, the Biden administration has made this demand.

The park remains blocked off, with guardsmen actively patrolling the river. Additionally, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers are diligently apprehending individuals who are crossing the border unlawfully and violating state laws. Despite the Biden administration’s demand for Governor Abbott to relinquish control of the park within 24 hours, the deadline has passed, and the park remains under Abbott’s jurisdiction.

A constitutional law expert has proposed that Congress review whether intentionally removing troops from Governor Abbott’s chain of command could be considered an impeachable offense. While certain Democrats have urged the president to federalize Texas troops or order their arrest, this suggestion highlights the need for a thorough examination of the situation.

The Border Patrol agents’ union has responded to reports claiming that Border Patrol agents will arrest Texas National Guardsmen who are following their lawful orders. The union called these reports fake news and emphasized that agents and guardsmen work together and have mutual respect for each other’s roles.

The statement emphasizes the importance of following lawful orders, even if they are not popular or well-liked among the agents. It highlights that it is crucial to adhere to orders that are deemed legal by competent legal counsel, rather than listening to opinions from individuals who may not have the necessary expertise.

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The union stated that Border Patrol agents have a deep appreciation and respect for the efforts made by Texas in the face of the catastrophic situation that the Biden Administration has brought upon America. The union wants to emphasize that there is no conflict between the rank-and-file Border Patrol agents and the Texas National Guard, Governor Abbott, or the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). While it may grab attention with flashy headlines, the notion of a fight simply does not hold true.

According to the union, Abbott’s policies have proven to be effective. In the month of December, there were 72,000 arrests in the Del Rio CBP Sector, which includes Eagle Pass. However, after the seizure of Shelby Park by the Texas National Guard in January, the number of arrests dropped significantly to 16,000.

The union emphasized the effectiveness of enforcement and directed the Biden Administration to take note.

In modern history, no other Texas governor has witnessed the support of 25 governors, which is an unprecedented occurrence. However, it is worth noting that Texas has previously received assistance on a national and international scale. A striking example of this can be traced back almost 190 years ago when individuals from 22 states and five countries valiantly fought for Texas independence, ultimately sacrificing their lives at the Alamo. Furthermore, support was also extended by individuals from 26 states and 13 countries during the Battle of San Jacinto, which played a pivotal role in securing victory.

The stand-off in Shelby Park has been likened to a pivotal moment in Texas history, known as Texas’ “come and take it” moment, which ultimately led to the Texas Revolution. This phrase was also famously used by Colonel John McIntosh during the Revolutionary War at Georgia’s Fort Morris in 1778, as a defiant stance against the British forces.

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In September 1835, General Antonio López de Santa Anna, the Mexican dictator, issued a command to the early Texas settlers residing in present-day DeWitt County. He demanded that they hand over a small cannon that had been utilized for fending off attacks from Indian war parties. The settlers defiantly retorted, “come and take it.”

Approximately 150 Mexican soldiers were deployed to recover the cannon. Over a span of two days, from Sept. 29 to Sept. 30, 1835, a group of 18 brave men from Gonzales successfully defended against the Mexican troops. The historic moment occurred on Oct. 2, 1835, when the first shots of the Texas Revolution were fired from the Gonzales cannon. The determined fighters proudly waved a white flag adorned with a black cannon and a single star, boldly proclaiming the words, “COME AND TAKE IT.” The Mexican forces were left with no choice but to retreat, and they ultimately faced defeat six months later.

The phrase “come and take it” symbolizes Texas independence and state’s rights, even though none of the over 50 Texas counties that have declared an emergency have adopted a fringe secessionist ideology. Numerous Texans, including state lawmakers, have boldly challenged the federal government with the words “come and cut it,” in direct opposition to the Supreme Court ruling. Governor Abbott is currently reinforcing concertina wire barriers with the assistance of fifty percent of U.S. governors.

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