Missouri Governor Parson seeks $2.3M to deploy 200 Guard members to Texas border

Republican Governor Mike Parson has taken action by issuing an executive order on Tuesday, declaring a state of emergency in Missouri. This decision was made to provide assistance to Texas by deploying members of the Missouri National Guard and Highway Patrol troopers.

Parson has taken charge by deploying 200 soldiers and 22 troopers to assist in Operation Lone Star, a crucial mission led by Texas Republican Governor, Greg Abbott. To fund this action, Parson has requested a supplemental appropriation of $2.3 million from the state legislature.

According to Parson’s office, around 10 million people have entered the United States illegally through the Texas-Mexico border. He stressed that these immigrants are smuggling fentanyl across the border, which amounts to over 460 million deadly doses of the drug. Parson criticized the White House and the media for their attempts to misrepresent the situation.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has strongly refuted claims that American people are responsible for the production and sale of fentanyl. He believes that the narrative being pushed is false and misleading. According to Parson, the blame should not be placed on immigrants crossing the borders, as some are suggesting.

During his recent trip to Texas, Parson expressed his deep concern after witnessing the situation firsthand and engaging in discussions with Governor Abbott. As one of the 25 Republican governors who have pledged their support to Governor Abbott, Parson found the situation to be alarming.

Parson expressed his concern over the current situation, describing it as a state of wide open chaos. He sympathized with Governor Abbott, acknowledging the immense challenges he must be facing. Parson couldn’t fathom the difficulties of being a governor in such circumstances, especially when the federal government seems to have abandoned them entirely.

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Parson continuously voiced his criticism of President Joe Biden’s approach to handling the border issue. He emphasized that he has engaged in discussions regarding the situation with Missouri’s congressional delegation.

“The President of the United States, upon assuming office, aimed to demonstrate his authority and power by opting to open the border,” remarked Parson. “At the time, the full implications of this decision were not fully comprehended by anyone.”

State Representative Ashley Aune, a Democrat from Kansas City, criticized Governor Parson’s actions as being driven by partisan politics.

Aune, in a statement, urged Governor Parson to request the Missouri Republican delegation in Congress to put an end to the political drama and approve this bipartisan border agreement.

The bipartisan border security bill was defeated earlier this month by the U.S. House, reportedly under pressure from former President Donald Trump.

According to Parson, it appears that the situation has escalated beyond control, and now there is an attempt to find a way out by manipulating the narrative. Parson suggests a straightforward solution: revert back to the policies that were in place when this issue initially arose. Specifically, he emphasizes the importance of securing the border, regardless of whether it is referred to as the Trump policy or not.

Starting on March 10th, members of the Guard will be deployed in 30-day rotations. These dedicated volunteers, known as troopers, will be joining forces with Texas law enforcement, who have been working tirelessly since March 1st.

Levon Compton, the adjutant general of the Missouri National Guard, stated that his team will be under the guidance of the Texas National Guard and will provide support in the construction of physical barriers at a specific location along the Texas-Mexico border.

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