Texas Border Success Drives Migration Surge in California and Arizona

In recent years, Texas has witnessed a significant influx of migrants crossing its border. In response, Governor Greg Abbott initiated Operation Lone Star, a proactive measure aimed at safeguarding the border from illegal immigrants and the trafficking of fentanyl from Mexico.

His efforts seem to be yielding positive results, as two other states have witnessed a rise in migrants.

According to Border Patrol, an average of 1,816 migrants cross the border each day in the Tucson sector of Arizona and 1,213 migrants cross the border daily in the San Diego sector of California. However, the number of daily crossings in the Texas sectors is below 1,000, as reported by CBS News.

According to CBS News, an average of 716 and 536 migrants cross the El Paso and Del Rio sectors daily, as reported by Border Patrol.

Governor Abbott revealed fresh strategies to protect the border during a press release on Thursday.

“In Texas, we’ve been able to achieve a decrease in illegal crossings only because of great teamwork.”

“Part of that teamwork is our partnership with the Texas National Guard, and we are currently working with the Texas Military Department to add more razor wire, anti-climb barrier, and personnel. The tools and strategies that DPS and the Texas Military Department used to secure the border would not happen without members of the Texas Legislature, like those with me here today. Working together, we will expand current operations in other parts of the border to decrease illegal immigration and ensure that we add more soldiers in the border region.”

Governor Abbott made a statement at Shelby Park this past Sunday, as reported by CBS News.

“The cartels have rerouted their routes to cross the border because Texas is the only state that’s putting up any resistance.”

“Despite the fact that Texas represents more than 60% of the land miles of the border, the overwhelming majority now of people crossing the border are crossing in Arizona and California, two states that are putting up no resistance to illegal immigration.

California and Arizona experience a higher number of migrants crossing their borders.

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