Missouri eviction notice service results in fatal shooting of police officer and process server

The Independence Police Department reported on Facebook that the shooting occurred at a residence in the vicinity of Elsea Smith and Bundschu Road.

Police Chief Adam Dustman praised the late officer, Cody Allen, 35, as a true hero.

During an afternoon news conference, Dustman expressed immense pride and admiration for the actions of the law enforcement officers who faithfully carry out their duties day in and day out. He specifically commended one individual for exemplifying the true essence of their profession and serving the community with unwavering dedication.

According to Dustman, Allen returned to the department approximately two years ago, after pursuing other career opportunities outside of law enforcement.

Allen had a moment of realization when he acknowledged that he had missed his true calling. Dustman revealed that Allen’s passion for his previous occupation was deeply rooted within him.

Drexel Mack, the civil process server who tragically lost his life, was employed by the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County.

According to authorities, Mack reached out to 911 for assistance.

According to Dustman, two additional officers from the Independence Police Department were injured in the incident. However, he reassured that they are expected to fully recover from their injuries.

The authorities have confirmed that they have apprehended a male suspect in connection with the incident.

According to Judge Jalilah Otto of the 16th Circuit Court, Mack, who was in his early 40s, had extensive experience of over a dozen years and was merely carrying out his duties, which involved serving eviction papers.

Otto praised the civil process server as “a genuine public servant.”

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According to her, Mack is currently engaged and has grown-up children.

Authorities are currently investigating the type of eviction notice that was being served, according to Otto. He mentioned that there are various kinds of eviction notices, which may include those related to rent or delinquent taxes.

At 1:09 p.m. local time, the police spokesperson received a distressing call on the radio regarding an officer down.

According to Police Captain Jake Becchina of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, their tactical unit had surrounded the residence in order to ensure the safety of the neighbors. As of late Thursday afternoon, none of the unit members had entered the home where the eviction notice was being served. It remains unclear whether there are any other individuals present inside the house.

The Chief of the Dustman department praised his team, acknowledging their bravery in approaching dangerous situations to protect the civil process server and injured officers.

The loss devastated his department, he expressed.

“We may be a fractured family,” Dustman acknowledged, “but like any other family, we will rally around one another and support each other through thick and thin.”

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