Migrant teen charged in Times Square shooting denied bail

A judge in New York City has ordered that a teenage migrant boy be held without bail following his attempt to flee the area after a shooting incident in Times Square that resulted in one person being injured.

Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, 15, was apprehended by police in Yonkers on Friday, as he and his family attempted to evade investigators, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

According to prosecutors at the teen’s arraignment hearing on Saturday, he then went back home and quickly started to escape with his mother. They wasted no time, packing up all their belongings and leaving their house by 6 a.m. the following morning to flee the city.

The district attorney’s office has requested that the teenager be held without bail due to his recent entry into the country and his significant ties outside the U.S.

The boy, who was a Venezuelan national, arrived in the country in September and was staying at a temporary shelter in Manhattan. According to the police, he made an attempt to escape from there.

Mr. Rivas-Figueroa faced charges as an adult for attempted murder in relation to the shooting incident that took place on Thursday night. The incident unfolded after the police stopped him for shoplifting at a sporting goods store.

According to police, a teenager and two other boys were confronted by a security guard for stealing merchandise. In response, Mr. Rivas-Figueroa fired shots inside the store.

The incident resulted in a 38-year-old Brazilian woman being hit in the leg.

The suspects escaped into the nearby streets, with Mr. Rivas-Figueroa firing at the pursuing police officers.

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The authorities have identified the teenager as a suspect in a shooting that occurred in Midtown and an armed robbery that took place in the Bronx towards the end of last month.

Just last week, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office faced heavy criticism for releasing five migrants who had been charged with assaulting two police officers in Times Square. And now, we have the case of a teenager being held in jail without bail.

According to law enforcement officials, the migrants have since fled the New York City area.

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