Assault charges filed against wife and daughter of John Gotti Jr. following altercation at high school game

The wife and daughter of John Gotti Jr., the namesake son of the notorious New York mob boss John “Dapper Don” Gotti, are facing assault charges following a fistfight with a woman at a high school basketball game on Long Island.

Kimberly Gotti, aged 55, and her daughter Gianna Gotti, aged 25, stand accused of assaulting the woman after she requested them to refrain from cursing at players from the bleachers. John and Kimberly Gotti’s son Joseph was on the court playing for Oyster Bay High School against rival Locust Valley High School on Thursday night.

According to court papers cited by multiple news organizations, the woman stated that Kimberly and Gianni Gotti punched her and forcibly removed her hat and wig, which were secured with three clips and Velcro. She recounted feeling as though her scalp was about to be torn off and described how others joined in, causing her to fall to the ground.

The Gottis, each charged Friday morning with third-degree assault, contested the woman’s version of events. John Gotti Jr. informed reporters on Thursday that the woman had initiated the assault against his wife.

“That’s the only reason why we’re here,” he asserted. “She threw a punch that hit my wife in the head.”

Kimberly and Gianni Gotti are both slated to appear in Nassau District Court again on March 6.

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