Man from Texas sentenced to life in prison for 2018 murder at Okaloosa County bus station

A Texas man has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a bus station employee in Okaloosa County in 2018.

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A man from Texas has been convicted on multiple charges, including first-degree premeditated murder, for a fatal shooting that took place at a former Greyhound Bus station in Okaloosa County in 2018. As a result, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Ledesma Wooden, aged 29, has been convicted by an Okaloosa County jury for the charges of attempted first-degree premeditated murder, first-degree premeditated murder, and aggravated battery. The incident took place on Halloween night in 2018 at a Greyhound bus station, where a fatal shooting occurred.

Wooden’s employment was terminated from a company assisting with debris removal due to Hurricane Michael around the time of the shooting, according to a release.

Wooden had a disagreement with his ex-manager regarding the company’s refusal to cover his airfare for his return trip to Texas.

Wooden fled the scene after the shooting and was apprehended on Elm Street two hours later, according to a report.

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The company involved with the relief workers has not been disclosed by the Fort Walton Beach Police Department.

Since November 1, 2018, Wooden has been incarcerated in the Okaloosa County Jail.

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