Texas man was detained after he allegedly rode a motorcycle on Interstate 25 from Colorado Springs to Denver in under 20 minutes

A man has been arrested in relation to a viral YouTube video from September 2023 that showcased a motorcyclist completing a journey from Colorado Springs to Denver in just 20 minutes.

In late January, the Colorado State Patrol took a strong stance against reckless driving by sharing a video of an incident with the public. They made it clear that such behavior would not be tolerated. The motorcyclist involved in the incident was identified as Rendon Dietzmann, a 32-year-old from Texas. According to the Colorado State Patrol, Dietzmann was allegedly reaching speeds of over 150 miles per hour and maneuvering through tight spaces between vehicles.

The journey from downtown Colorado Springs to the southern outskirts of Denver covers a distance of approximately 55 miles.

Sergeant Troy Kessler, from the Colorado State Patrol’s Public Affairs Office, made it clear that Colorado will not tolerate illegal and reckless driving behavior. He emphasized that the safety of those traveling on the state’s roadways is of utmost importance and cannot be ignored.

Colorado State Patrol was not aware of Dietzmann’s arrest when 11 News contacted them on Thursday morning. A man with the same name was found in jail records for Denton County, Texas, with a warrant from El Paso County. Online court records for Dietzmann’s case indicate that he was detained this week.

Dietzmann has a warrant issued against him, as he is facing the following charges:

    • Menacing – Placed Another Person in Fear of Imminent Serious Bodily Injury
    • Engaged in Speed Contest
    • Reckless Endangerment
    • Reckless Driving
    • Speeding 40 MPH over Prima Facie Limit
    • Engaged in Exhibition of Speed
    • Vehicle had no Number Plates Attached
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