Trump’s co-defendant claims that Georgia prosecutors lied about the start of their relationship

One of the co-defendants in the Georgia election racketeering case, alongside former President Donald Trump, has accused Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her top deputy of being dishonest about the nature of their relationship.

Mike Roman’s defense attorney intends to present a witness during an upcoming hearing to challenge the assertion made by Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade that their personal relationship originated after she appointed him in late 2021 to oversee the case against Donald Trump and his associates. The defense attorney filed a motion on Friday, stating their intention.

According to the filing, Terrence Bradley, who is Wade’s former law partner and friend, also represented Wade in his divorce, as stated in the court documents reviewed by CNN.

According to Ashleigh Merchant, Roman’s defense attorney, Bradley has personal knowledge that the romantic relationship between Wade and Willis started before Willis became the district attorney for Fulton County, Georgia in January 2021.

According to the filing, Bradley has confirmed that Willis entered into a contract with Wade after they had already established a romantic relationship. This contradicts Wade’s claim in his affidavit that they did not begin dating until 2022.

The Fulton County district attorney’s office has chosen not to provide a comment on the matter. CNN has made an attempt to contact Wade’s attorney for a statement.

Willis is currently facing an attempt by Roman, Trump, and other co-defendants to disqualify her office from the prosecution. They are also seeking to dismiss the entire case based on allegations of a conflict of interest arising from their supposed improper romantic relationship. However, Willis firmly denies any wrongdoing and asserts that there is no necessity for a hearing on this issue, which is scheduled for February 15th.

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According to Roman, she initially made the allegations that Willis had financial gains from Wade, who took her on trips using money earned from the case. In the recent filing, receipts for a cruise taken by Willis and Wade in 2022 were included as evidence. This cruise took place after Wade was hired as the special prosecutor.

In Friday’s filing, Merchant revealed that the reason Willis and Wade chose to keep their relationship a secret has become clear – they were using public funds to benefit themselves personally, and they were fully aware that their actions were unethical.

According to the defense attorney, it was argued that Willis was aware that the relationship would result in her disqualification.

According to the filing, if she had revealed the relationship, she would have jeopardized her chances of winning the case, which is something she truly desires and requires for her own personal aspirations. The filing also stated that since Willis and Wade were not honest about their relationship from the beginning, there is no reason to trust their current claims.

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