Live updates: Columbia University begins suspending students after Gaza protesters refuse to leave encampment

Columbia University has taken action against students who participated in the pro-Palestinian protests by suspending them. Despite the 2pm deadline on Monday, hundreds of protesters refused to leave the encampments set up on the college campus. Even after the deadline had passed, a significant number of protesters continued to remain on campus.

Columbia’s president, Nemat Minouche Shafik, announced on Monday that discussions between the university and protesters have reached an impasse. Despite the pressure, Columbia has made it clear that they will not divest from Israel.

Ms. Shafik has been heavily criticized for her choice to permit the New York Police Department (NYPD) to scatter demonstrators on the campus last week. This action led to numerous arrests and triggered similar protests throughout the United States.

Protests persisted at various campuses throughout the day on Monday.

Scores of students were arrested on Monday afternoon at the University of Texas by heavily outfitted riot police. The police used zip ties, pepper spray, and a stun grenade against the crowd that had gathered around a protest encampment at the state university.

Northwestern University has recently announced that it has come to an agreement with its students to dismantle their encampment. In exchange for this, the administration has made several concessions.

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