Logan Paul and Nina Agdal Organize Wrestling Match to Reveal Baby’s Gender

The parents-to-be opted for an unconventional way to unveil the news, engaging in a lively wrestling match. In this unique spectacle, one wrestler donned pink trunks while the other sported blue, symbolizing the genders of their forthcoming child.

In the video, you can witness an intense battle between the two wrestlers as they unleash a flurry of impressive moves. They exchange hurricanranas and top-rope cutters, showcasing their agility and strength. Meanwhile, Logan and Nina eagerly observe the action from ringside, captivated by the thrilling display of athleticism.

Despite the blue wrestler nearly emerging victorious, it appears that the fighter in the pink shorts ultimately triumphed in the battle. The couple, embracing each other, celebrated the news that they will be welcoming a baby girl into their family.

Logan has been wrestling for WWE since 2022 and currently holds the WWE U.S. Championship belt. It’s no surprise that he and Nina chose wrestling as their preferred method to reveal their news.


Just a few weeks ago, Paul and Agdal shared the exciting news of their pregnancy. This comes just months after Logan proposed to Agdal in a heartfelt and viral video.

By the way, for those who are curious about Logan’s feelings regarding having a girl instead of a boy, he shared his thoughts on his “Implausive” podcast. He expressed that he would absolutely “melt” at the mere thought of being a girl-dad.

Congratulations to Logan and Nina on their upcoming journey of training the future champion!

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