Caitlyn Jenner engages with pro-Palestinian demonstrators at Correspondents’ Dinner

Caitlyn Jenner fearlessly walks into the heart of a massive protest over the Gaza war and engages in conversation with the demonstrators.

While attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in D.C. on Saturday night, CJ found herself amidst a crowd of protesters.

Fearless and unflinching, she took out her cell phone and started capturing their actions on video.

Jenner’s stance on the protesters was evident as she confronted them directly, expressing her disagreement before defiantly gesturing at them and making a swift exit.

As she turned to leave, a protester couldn’t help but throw a feeble insult her way. “You’re so old. Just go home.”

Caitlyn made her disdain more than apparent by filming the protesters and doing the same thing when it came to coming out.


The protesters demanded a cease-fire and urged journalists to boycott the dinner, highlighting the risks journalists face in conflict zones.

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