Grandmother Shoots Robber During Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ Movie

A grandma in New Mexico proved to be a true hero when she shot an intruder who was on the run from the police, all while in the midst of watching Taylor Swift’s “Eras” flick.

Anissa Tinnin enjoyed watching the movie version of Taylor’s tour with her granddaughter. They were having a wonderful time, singing, dancing, and munching on M&M’s. Suddenly, their fun was interrupted when Joseph Rivera burst through Anissa’s front door. It was later revealed that Rivera had supposedly stolen a car and the police were in pursuit of him.

As soon as Rivera stepped outside, she wasted no time. She immediately dialed 911 and swiftly made her way to her gun case. With a sense of urgency, she retrieved a weapon.

Rivera entered the house again for some unknown reason. She had already taken her granddaughter to a safe bedroom, but the man suddenly charged towards her.

She shouted, “Step back! I’ll shoot you!” … and she followed through. He inquired why she took such action, to which Tinnin replied, “Because you’re trespassing in my own home!”

Tinnin demonstrated compassion by providing first aid and applying pressure to the wound.


But, Rivera was given a stern warning by her, emphasizing that any wrong move on his part would result in her shooting him once again.

Rivera was apprehended by the police and is currently in custody, facing charges of burglary, auto theft, and other related offenses.

With five previous felony convictions for burglaries and theft, the stakes were undeniably high for Tinnin. However, she did not back down from the challenge and rose to the occasion.

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