Lil Scrappy Shares Thoughts on Diddy’s Assault on Cassie in 2016 Video: ‘It’s Clear He Had Been Doing That for a While’

Lil Scrappy expresses his discontent after fans accused him of previously supporting Diddy. In an extensive Instagram live video, the rapper takes the opportunity to set the record straight about his current stance on the mogul.

In a recent Instagram live session captured by Kollege Kidd, Lil Scrappy clarified that he did not call Cassie a liar. He stated that he was actually referring to the other women who came forward after her. Scrappy even expressed his willingness to confront Diddy if he were to cross paths with him, emphasizing his readiness to settle any differences.

Diddy caused quite a stir when he released a video apologizing for his behavior in the 2016 footage. However, Scrappy didn’t seem to think much of the apology. “I couldn’t care less about his apology,” he remarked. “The way he treated Shawty was despicable. It was evident that he had been engaging in such behavior for a long time.”

On Friday, CNN shocked the public by releasing a distressing surveillance video. The footage captured the moment Cassie Ventura, now 37 years old, exited a hotel room and made her way towards an elevator. Meanwhile, Diddy, who is now 54 years old, sprinted down the hallway wearing nothing but a towel. In a disturbing turn of events, he forcefully grabbed her by the neck, causing her to collapse onto the floor. Displaying an alarming amount of aggression, Combs proceeded to kick Cassie as she lay motionless, before snatching her purse and suitcase.

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In the video, Cassie stays on the ground while Combs delivers another kick and pulls her hoodie, briefly dragging her down the hallway. He then lets her go and takes her belongings. Moments later, Combs returns to snatch Ventura near the elevator and proceeds to sit in a nearby chair. He picks up an object from a table and hurls it at her. As he walks away, Combs glances back at Ventura as the elevator door opens and someone steps out.

In a recent statement, Diddy opened up about the incident involving Cassie and expressed remorse for his actions. He took full responsibility for his behavior and admitted that he had hit rock bottom. Diddy acknowledged his mistakes and sincerely apologized for what had transpired.

Diddy’s recent apology has sparked a lot of discussion online, with many questioning the sincerity behind his words. On his official Instagram account, he posted a video with the caption, “I’m truly sorry.” In the video, which lasted a little over a minute, he acknowledged the challenge of reflecting on one’s darkest moments, but emphasized the importance of doing so.

In his own words, he reflects on his past, stating, “I hit rock bottom and was in a terrible state. I don’t make any excuses for my behavior in that video. It was completely inexcusable, and I take full responsibility for my actions. I was disgusted with myself then, and I still am now. I realized I needed professional help, so I sought therapy and went into rehab. I also turned to God, asking for His mercy and grace. I deeply apologize for my actions, but I am fully committed to becoming a better person each day. I don’t expect forgiveness, but I genuinely regret what I have done.”

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Lil Scrappy Shares His Perspective on Diddy Assaulting Cassie in 2016 Video: ‘You Could See He Had Been Doing That for a Long Time’

Lil Scrappy, the rapper and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, recently opened up about his thoughts on a video that surfaced in 2016, showing Diddy getting physical with his then-girlfriend, Cassie. In an interview, Scrappy expressed his opinion on the incident, suggesting that it wasn’t an isolated event.

During the interview, Scrappy commented, “You could tell he was doing that for a long time.” This statement implies that Scrappy believes Diddy’s behavior in the video was not an isolated incident but rather a reflection of a pattern of mistreatment.

The video in question captured a heated argument between Diddy and Cassie, which escalated into physical contact. Scrappy’s observation suggests that this behavior may have been ongoing and not just a one-time occurrence.

It is important to note that Lil Scrappy’s perspective provides insight into his interpretation of the video and does not serve as confirmation or proof of any allegations. However, his comments shed light on the impact and lasting impression that such incidents can have on those who witness them.

As conversations surrounding domestic violence and abusive relationships continue to gain prominence, it is crucial to address these issues and support survivors. Scrappy’s willingness to discuss this controversial topic adds to the ongoing dialogue and encourages further awareness of the complexities surrounding such situations.

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