Diddy’s Apology Video Restricted From Mentioning Cassie’s Name Due to Confidentiality Agreement

Many people have criticized Diddy for not apologizing to Cassie in his recent Instagram post. However, a new report from TMZ reveals that Diddy is actually prohibited from mentioning Cassie’s name publicly.

Diddy and Cassie have reached a settlement following Cassie’s sexual assault lawsuit against him in November. According to sources familiar with the agreement, they are bound by a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA), preventing them from publicly discussing one another. It is worth noting that Diddy’s legal team reviewed his video apology before its release on social media to ensure compliance with the NDA’s terms, which included refraining from mentioning Cassie by name, despite Diddy’s intention to do so.

Mayor Eric Adams has expressed his consideration of revoking Diddy’s Key to NYC following a video featuring his ex-girlfriend Cassie.

Diddy is currently facing multiple legal challenges, with Cassie’s lawsuit settlement being just one of them. Apart from resolving her case, he is also engaged in three other lawsuits that involve similar allegations, including human and sex trafficking accusations. TMZ sources reveal that Diddy’s legal team is being cautious and advising him against making any public statements during the ongoing legal proceedings. They fear that his words could potentially be used against him in court, jeopardizing the pending litigation.

In the video, Cassie stays on the ground while Combs delivers another kick and forcefully pulls her hoodie, dragging her momentarily along the hallway. He then lets go of her and takes her belongings. Shortly after, Combs returns to snatch Ventura near the elevator and proceeds to sit in a nearby chair. He grabs an object from a table and hurls it at her. As he walks away, Combs glances back at Ventura when the elevator door opens and an individual emerges.

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Diddy’s recent apology has sparked a lot of discussion online, as many people doubt the sincerity behind his words. On his official Instagram account, he posted a video with the caption, “I’m truly sorry.” In the video, which lasts just over a minute, he acknowledges the challenge of reflecting on the darkest moments in one’s life, but emphasizes the importance of doing so.

In his own words, he admits, “I was in a really bad place. I hit rock bottom. But I won’t make any excuses. The way I behaved in that video is unforgivable. I take full responsibility for my actions. I was appalled by my behavior then, and I’m still appalled now. I made the decision to seek professional help and entered therapy and rehab. I asked God for forgiveness and guidance. I deeply regret my actions, and I am dedicated to becoming a better person every single day. I don’t expect forgiveness, but I am genuinely sorry.”

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