Jan. 6 cops will advocate for Biden before of the presidential debate

Three police officers who bravely defended the U.S. Capitol during the deadly riot on Jan. 6, 2021, have been selected by the Biden campaign to campaign for President Joe Biden in key battleground states. This announcement comes ahead of next month’s debate with former President Donald Trump.

Former Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, who was injured in the attack, U.S. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, a 15-year veteran with the force, and D.C. police officer Danny Hodges, who testified before the House Jan. 6 Committee, will be embarking on a campaign in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New Hampshire. Their goal is to caution voters about the potential consequences of a second Trump term in the White House, according to the campaign.

According to the campaign, Dunn expressed concern over Donald Trump’s relentless pursuit of power and vengeance, which he believes poses a significant threat to our democracy. In a statement, Dunn highlighted Trump’s endorsement of political violence, including his alarming remarks about a potential “bloodbath” if he fails to secure victory once more. Additionally, Trump’s promise to assume dictatorial powers from “day one” and his intention to pardon those involved in the January 6th riots further raise concerns about the stability of our democratic institutions.

During a speech in Michigan, Trump made a comment about a potential “bloodbath” in the country if he is not elected, specifically referring to the loss of U.S. auto manufacturing jobs to foreign countries. The Biden campaign accused Trump of advocating for “political violence,” while the Trump campaign clarified that the term was used to describe an “economic bloodbath.”

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During his campaign speeches, Trump has addressed accusations of being a dictator by stating that he would only exhibit dictatorial tendencies on the first day of his second term. He emphasized his plans to secure the country’s borders and prioritize energy exploration, stating that once these goals are achieved, he would not exhibit dictatorial behavior. Trump’s response reflects his commitment to specific policies rather than a desire for authoritarian control.

On Tuesday, Dunn stood alongside former D.C. Metropolitan Police officer Michael Fanone, who experienced a heart attack and brain injury during the Capitol riot, and actor Robert DeNiro for a press conference. The event took place outside the New York courthouse, where reporters had gathered for the closing arguments of Trump’s hush money trial.

“The struggle for many of us did not come to a halt on January 6th, when we returned home. The battle is ongoing,” Dunn shared with the press.

According to Dunn, the events of that day constituted an effort to disrupt and overthrow an election. He firmly believes that Donald Trump poses a significant risk to our democracy and the security of communities nationwide. Furthermore, he asserts that Trump has actively promoted and continues to promote political violence.

According to Fanone, he experienced a brutal assault on January 6th at the hands of Trump supporters. These individuals were motivated by the lies spread by Trump and his surrogates, who claimed that the 2020 election had been stolen.

The Jan. 6 Capitol attack has resulted in charges being filed against over 1,200 individuals by the Justice Department. According to an analysis conducted by the department three years after the attack, a total of more than 1,265 defendants have been charged in almost all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.

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In a recent statement outside the courthouse, DeNiro, referring to Trump as “a clown,” has lent his voice to a new Biden campaign ad. The ad features footage from the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol and DeNiro claims that “Trump wants revenge and he will go to any lengths to achieve it.”

“I felt compelled to participate and had a strong desire to be part of the new Biden-Harris advertisement. It effectively highlights Trump’s tendency towards violence and serves as a powerful reminder that he will not hesitate to employ violence against anyone who opposes his egotism and insatiable desire for wealth,” expressed DeNiro during a press briefing.

In response to the gathered press at the courthouse, the Trump campaign issued its own statement on Tuesday.

“This is absolutely disgraceful,” exclaimed Karoline Leavitt, a Trump campaign spokesperson, as she addressed reporters. “President Trump has endured six long weeks of being confined to that courtroom.”

“The entire thing is being turned into a political mockery,” said Steven Cheung, spokesperson for the Trump campaign. He emphasized that President Trump will not be deterred by these charges and will fight them relentlessly. Cheung firmly believes that the truth will prevail and cannot be suppressed.

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