Biden campaign switches tactics with “guerrilla-style” approach to Trump trial

In a surprising turn of events, Joe Biden’s campaign made a bold move by holding their own event at the courthouse on 100 Centre Street in New York. This decision marks a stark contrast to President Donald Trump’s strategy of avoiding the courthouse during his trial. For the past six weeks, the Biden campaign had refrained from any involvement in the proceedings, but they have now taken a proactive approach in the final days of the trial.

Biden is making this change in an effort to catch up with Trump, who has been leading in most key battleground state polls. It is worth noting that Trump has been mostly confined to New York for the duration of the trial.

Similar to Trump, Biden’s campaign team also brought their own group of surrogates to appear before the media, who have been stationed outside the courthouse throughout the trial. These surrogates were there to present their perspectives and opinions, just like Trump’s allies.

When questioned by a reporter about the decision to hold an event at Trump’s trial, the president’s reelection campaign’s communications director, Michael Tyler, responded with a straightforward answer: “Because you all are here.”

Tyler expressed his frustration, stating that the media has been relentlessly covering this issue day in and day out. He also mentioned that the Biden team plans to emphasize the significance of this election to the voters.

Tuesday was a remarkable day during the trial, as it became a focal point for litigation surrounding the November election. This was largely due to the involvement of the Biden campaign, which added fuel to the already intense atmosphere at the courthouse and its surrounding area.

The Biden campaign, in an effort to cut through the continuous cable news coverage of the Trump trial, made the decision over the weekend to organize a “guerrilla-style” campaign event near the courthouse. Two sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, revealed this information.

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The Biden campaign officials admitted that organizing the unexpected press conference marked a shift in tactics. However, they emphasized that it did not alter their overarching strategy. The decision to hold more surprise events in the coming weeks was made at the Biden campaign’s headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. According to a source familiar with the strategy, they aim to be agile and innovative, intending to take the offensive and disrupt the media cycle.

On Tuesday, they decided to feature actor Robert De Niro.

Amidst the blaring sound of a car alarm and the boisterous cheers of nearby Trump supporters, Robert De Niro, who recently lent his voice to a campaign ad for Biden, along with former police officers Michael Fanone and Harry Dunn, who bravely responded to the Capitol attacks on January 6, 2021, passionately denounced Trump in front of a multitude of cameras.

According to sources familiar with the plans, De Niro, who has been vocal about his dislike for Trump, was enthusiastic about incorporating a stunt news conference into the event. However, the Biden surrogates took caution to avoid directly referencing the ongoing legal case against Trump, which has garnered significant media attention for the former president.

Tyler introduced the three men, mentioning that the president was eager to discuss three additional topics with Trump during their debate on June 27. These topics included abortion, threats to democracy, and economic policies for working families.

According to Tyler, the main focus of this campaign will be discussing and highlighting this particular topic in the coming month.

A blue Biden-Harris placard, intended as a prop for the campaign’s press event, was found stashed in a white trash bag on the ground near the microphones. It appears that the placard was never set up for the event.

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Close associates of Biden have privately expressed their frustration with the media’s fixation on Trump, which has made it challenging to generate attention for the current administration. However, those familiar with the decision to take this action refute any claims of desperation, despite Biden consistently trailing Trump by a narrow margin in the polls.

The press team of Trump observed the Biden surrogates addressing the media from the midst of the reporters. They seized the chance to counter their statements as De Niro and the rest departed, pursued by a multitude of cameras.

Trump adviser Jason Miller expressed his disdain for Biden’s campaign efforts, stating, “President Trump’s popularity continues to soar, while all Biden can manage is enlisting the help of a has-been actor.”

Karoline Leavitt, a spokesperson for Trump, expressed her disdain for the Biden campaign’s strategy of capitalizing on the press attention garnered by Trump’s trial, calling it “pathetic” as she walked away from the reporter’s question.

Trump appeared to acknowledge the Biden stunt as he shared a video on his Truth Social account. The video captured De Niro engaging in a heated argument with a Trump supporter after the press conference.

As he was being led away, the video captured De Niro passionately exclaiming, “Fuck you.”

Inside the courthouse, the defense attorney Todd Blanche made efforts to discredit the prosecution’s case. He fiercely criticized the state’s main witness, Michael Cohen, who was formerly Trump’s attorney and fixer, accusing him of being dishonest and motivated solely by money. Blanche referred to Cohen as a “thief.”

Blanche, addressing the jury, described Cohen as the ultimate master of deception, stating, “He’s truly the MVP of liars.” She went on to emphasize that Cohen is the embodiment of deceit, earning him the title of “the GLOAT – the greatest liar of all time.”

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During the trial, prosecutors took extensive time to reinforce their evidence, aiming to establish that Trump was aware of the plans, as previously testified by Cohen. The judge even allowed the jury to stay late to accommodate the additional information.

Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass took the jurors through a series of exhibits, using humor and occasional snark. He acknowledged that while Cohen may not have been the perfect witness, he was indeed in close proximity to Trump during that period.

According to Steinglass, Michael Cohen was not handpicked by them as a witness. He emphasizes that they did not find him at a “witness store.” Instead, Steinglass asserts that it was the defendant himself who chose Cohen to be his fixer, specifically because he was willing to deceive and act dishonestly on behalf of Mr. Trump. Steinglass points out the irony that the same qualities that led Trump to select Cohen are now being used as a reason to discredit his testimony.

The trial is expected to continue until at least Wednesday and Thursday. However, Biden and his campaign have no plans to directly address the trial until a verdict is reached.

The president is expected to address the trial by emphasizing the importance of respecting the outcome. These remarks will not have a strong political tone and are likely to be delivered in a casual setting at the White House, such as in response to a reporter’s question on the South Lawn. This approach is in line with the president’s informal communication style, as confirmed by two sources familiar with the plans.

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