Authorities searching for escaped prisoners

Two of the four inmates who escaped from jail in Louisiana over the weekend have been apprehended, according to local authorities. Surprisingly, the guards responsible for their supervision were unaware of their escape.

During a news conference on Monday, Chief Jimmy Travis of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office informed reporters that four individuals, namely Omarion Hookfin (19), Avery Guidry (19), Jamarcus Cyprian (20), and Travon Johnson (21), managed to escape from the Tangipahoa Parish Jail. The prisoners took advantage of a vulnerable section in the jail’s chain-linked fence, successfully evading capture on both Saturday and Sunday.

The officials at the jail were unaware of the escapees until they received a phone call on Sunday afternoon from a family member of one of the inmates, according to Travis. The relative informed them that two prisoners had escaped on Saturday and had arrived at a relative’s house in the middle of the night, seeking shelter.

According to the chief, two other inmates had already escaped by the time jail staff took action.

Travis expressed his deep concern over the situation, emphasizing the importance of conducting accurate head counts. He emphasized that if the counts had been done properly, the issue would have been identified immediately.

According to the police, it didn’t take long for the investigators to locate Johnson and Guidry after receiving a call from a person who claimed to have seen them.

According to police, the pair, who were arrested in connection with a 2022 homicide in Hammond, Louisiana, were found hiding in a dumpster behind a Dollar General store approximately 22 miles from the jail.

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According to police records, Hookfin, who was also arrested in connection with the same 2022 homicide, and Cyprian, who was serving time for armed robbery and weapon charges, are still at large and are likely outside of Tangipahoa Parish, stated Travis.

According to Travis, the ongoing investigation is currently examining all evidence and clues related to the breakout. It seems that the suspects managed to break through a corroded portion of the fence during their recreation time.

According to Travis, the escapees managed to make their way, hide, and under the cover of darkness, they successfully went under a wall and scaled two fences to make their getaway.

Travis couldn’t immediately disclose the specific detainee who escaped or the exact timing of the incidents. However, he did confirm that two detainees managed to flee on Saturday, while another two escaped on Sunday.

The chief admitted that the jail had a shortage of staff and some of the staff members were inexperienced. However, he emphasized that these factors should not be used as an excuse for the events that took place.

Travis admitted that they had encountered a failure that needed to be addressed and overcome.

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